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Guilds 公会 are groups of players who have gathered together to progress in the game for various reasons, whether it be leveling up, producing goods, hunting down players, etc

Star Rating[]

Within God's Domain, Guilds can be promoted in their star rating, with each improvement in star rating gaining them more advantages in the game.

  • 3-Star Guild:
    • Gains access to build a Guild Employment Centre and Guild Training Room.
  • 4-Star Guild:
    • Gains recognition from the Adventurer’s Association as a Large-scale Guild, allowing the guild to receive large-scale quests with generous rewards and reputation in the respective Adventurer's Association.
    • Gains a temporary rest area in every Adventurer's Association on the God's Domain continent, allowing them to receive quests from every NPC town and city. Allowing guild members to develop in other areas even without a Guild Residence.


Guilds in God's Domain can be classified in the following ranks: Third-rate Guilds, Second-rate Guilds, First-rate Guilds, Super-first-rate Guilds, and Super Guilds. The reason for the classification for the first two ranks is due to the size and influence of the Guilds. However from First-rate Guilds onwards, the difference is due to a matter of Legacy and resources.

  • First-rate Guilds have a few Refinement Realm experts.
  • Super-first-rate Guilds have a incomplete Realms of Refinement Legacy, which allows them to produce Void Realm experts.
  • Super Guilds have complete Realms of Refinement Legacy and the resources to produce Domain Realm experts. They also have dedicated research teams that research and formulate methods to improve the strength of players and creating experts rapidly. [1]
  • The Five Great Super Guilds have very few above the domain realm experts which allows them to utterly destroy everybody who is under their realm.

Known Guilds[]

Five Great Super Guilds[]

Transcendental Powers[]

Super Guilds[]

Super-first-rate Guilds[]

Other Superpowers[]

First-rate Guilds[]

Second-rate Guilds[]

Third-rate Guilds[]

Unrated Guilds[]

Dark Guilds[]


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