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First mentioned in chapter 2330 when the members of the Freedom Alliance and their partners were gathered at Starfall Island to reconsider their existing partnership. 


Giant's Heart is an up and rising superpower guild that operates in Sea's End and Flame Dragon Empire. They came from the Sea God's Realm, one of the Otherworlds and have since set up their operation in various parts of the Eastern Continent.

They are allied with Flame Robber's Fleet in the Freedom Alliance. They originally were planning to cooperate with Passing Monarch but was rejected. [2]


Name Class Realms Role
White Autumn Guardian Knight Domain Realm Vice Guild Leader [3]
Lin Ya Assassin Domain Realm Vice Commander of Main Force [4]
Blue Claw Domain Realm Peak Expert [5]

Naval Fleet[]

Giant's Heart has a fleet that consists of 100 Bronze Speedboats, over 20 Mysterious-Iron Speedboats, 10 Small Sailboat, four of which were Bronze rank. [6]

Guild Towns, Cities and Fortresses[]

Giant's Heart has control over the following places:



Giant's Heart was first mentioned during the meeting that Freedom Alliance had organised to re-assess their working relationships with their existing partners. Giant's Heart made a giant showing with their massive naval fleet that included 60+ Bronze Speedboats, 11 Mysterious-Iron Speedboats, and 5 Small Sailboats, two of which were Bronze Rank. [8] There had over a thousand members on the boat and there were all Level 96 and above, with many at Level 97. The weakest piece of equipment on them was Level 95 Fine-Gold rank, with many of them wearing Level 95 Fine-Gold Set Equipment. They were led by several players that wore a minimum of five pieces of Epic equipment. [9]

Azure Chamber of Commerce Internal Competition (Chapter 2358 to 2366)[]

White Autumn attended the internal competition at the Azure Chamber of Commerce and made acquaintances with Blackflame. After seeing Silent Wonder's display of power against a Level 100 Grand Lord, White Autumn became interested in the Crimson Sunset Set. Blackflame offered to sell him 30 sets for 15,000 Gold and 10,000 Magic Crystals each. White Autumn enquired for 100 sets but Blackflame was only willing to sell up to 50 sets with an increased price. White Autumn agreed and paid 900,000 Gold and 600,000 Magic Crystals for the 50 sets.

Purchase of Twelve Elemental Pillars Magic Barrier (Chapter 2444)[]

It was mentioned that the guild had ordered a small number of Twelve Elemental Pillars Magic Barrier to test out but after seeing Zero Wing's display of power in Stone Forest City, revealing their 556 Level 115 Tier 3 Knights, they changed their order to huge orders instead.


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