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Gentle Snow is the Second Vice-Guild Leader of Zero Wing and runs the branch guild in Black Dragon Empire. She was previously the Guild Leader of Ouroboros, before it was annexed by Blackwater. When she joined Zero Wing, she brought several of her trusted subordinates over.


In reality, Gentle Snow is Bai Qinxue, daughter to the Bai Family and heir of the White Clan. [9] Snow Goddes title was bestow toward her during her leadership in a virtual reality game Dragon Demon War prior her performance in God's Domain.[10]


She has an angelic beauty and snow-cold temperament. Her face is beautiful and had a fine, perfectly curvaceous, devilish body. She has long midnight black hair, and her eyes are said to be black and crystalline .[11][12][13][14]


She has a calm and composed personality and proud attitude which is backed up by her excellent battle techniques. [15] She has amazing business acumen.




For the sake of taking control over the Guild her elder brother left behind, Gentle Snow first was join Ouroboros in Dragon Demon War on 2127. However she was facing Chao Cenghua as a competitor who has gained support from the Grand Elders and could attract several company including Blackwater as the investor.[22] Because of the Blackwater Corporation she had to give up on Ouroboros and joined Zero Wing. She agreed on the condition that Zero Wing purchased Ouroboros' training center. Shi Feng agreed to her condition and Gentle Snow brought the elites and experts under her command. She transferred all the Lands under her name to Shi Feng and was given 15% of Zero Wing's shares and made one of the Vice Guild Leaders. She would go on to establish the Ouroboros Legions and manage the branch guild in Black Dragon Empire. [23]

After her brilliant display against Miracle Dragon at the Dark Arena, Thousand Miles the Second Vice Guild Leader of Miracle Guild actually tried to poach her. He was ready to offer her a position of a Guild Elder and as Vice commander of the Purgatory Legion, one of Miracle's trump card legions. He even mentioned that she would have a chance at becoming a Vice Guild Leader or even a Branch Guild Leader. Gentle Snow was quick to decline his invitation. [24]

It was mentioned that she exited from the Tower of Four Gods. Her progress is not mentioned. [25]

In the battle for reserve seats of the Twelve Great Guild, she single-handedly wiped out Thousand Miles entire team of Tier 3 experts including dozens of peak experts and two domain realm experts by combining twelve sword strokes into one and breaking space making the attack at the Tier 4 standard. It is then revealed that she has reached above the domain realm. [26] [27]


The first mention of Gentle Snow in the sequel happens at chapter 148, where it was also mentioned the she has some problems plaguing her. In the Sequel, Gentle Snow first appears at chapter SS150, she initially has a peak Gold mana body, later upgraded in chapter SS151 to Epic rank. She is a Void Realm expert and a mana control at the Grandmaster standard, allowing her to archive a complete mana domain at Tier 3. Gentle Snow used to be one the 5 Great Experts of Zero Wing in Shi Feng's past life, so he tried to recruit her into his newly established Zero Wing, going as far as giving her a drop of an Ancient God's Blood and giving her access to the primordial tower of Abyssal Star Primordial City for four full days every month, even more than the Gold Members of the Asura Mercenary Alliance.

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