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First mentioned in chapter 1666, when Shi Feng was going through the loot from the First Kill of the Frostflame Two-headed Earth Dragon.


[Frostflame Ring] (Ring, Epic Rank)[]

  • Equipment Level: Level 50 - Level 100
  • Equipment Requirement: Strength 500, Agility 400, Intelligence 1,000
  • Strength +55, Agility +42, Endurance +45, Intelligence +74 (Level 50)
  • Ignore Levels +12
  • Ice Resistance +15
  • Fire Resistance +15

Additional Passive Skill - Frostflame Barrier

  • Creates a Frostflame Barrier around the user. As long as the user is standing, the power of all ice- and fire-type Spells increases by 20%, and channeling time reduces by 10%.

Additional Active Skill 1 - Frostflame's Descent

  • Manipulate ice-type and fire-type Mana to deal 700% magic damage in a 40-yard cone. Targets will have their Movement Speed reduced by 70% for 6 seconds.
  • Cooldown: 3 minutes

Additional Active Skill 2 - Frostflame Shield

  • Creates a protective shield that covers an area with a 15-yard radius. The Frostflame Shield is immune to all ice-type and fire-type damage. The Frostflame Shield lasts 20 seconds and can absorb damage equivalent to 300% of the user's maximum Mana.
  • Cooldown: 10 minutes