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First mentioned in chapter 1905, when Zero Wing took down the Void Serpent (Wakanet).


The Fate Ring is a ring made of two intertwining carved snakes, one black and one white. Shi Feng comments that it would allow players to develop until they reach the apex of God's Domain, as long as they have the ring. There are more than one Fate Ring in God's Domain, and they can be merged together to improve the skill's effect.

For a sample of 100 uses, approximately 90 uses would result in Mysterious-Iron Equipment or Tools, around 9 would be Secret-Silver rank with the remaining 1 being a Fine-Gold rank item. It's likely that a major opportunity would only arise 1 out of 1000 uses. However, the odds can be improved if more than two rings were combined together. The improved odds would be around 1 out of 500 uses, with a heightened difficulty as a side effect. [1]

[Fate Ring] (Ring, Fragmented-Legendary Rank)

  • Provides some Basic Attributes equal to an ordinary Epic item.
  • Increases Mana Density in a 20-yard radius around the player.

Additional Active Skill: Fate Guidance

  • When activated, it grants the player an opportunity. This would either be a minor opportunity that yields a Mysterious-Iron Equipment suited for the player or a major opportunity that could yield up to a Fragmented Legendary Item.
  • Cost: 1 unit of Seven Luminaries Crystals
  • A major opportunity is guaranteed to occur every 1,000 uses. If two Fate Rings have been merged, a major opportunity is guaranteed to occur every 500 uses.

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