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First mentioned in chapter 251, there are a category of weapons in God's Domain that were famous due to their renown and achievement by their wielder.


There are a total of 36 Famed Swords in God's Domain and not all of them have been revealed

Known Famed Swords

Rank Name Description
1 Void Breaker - A replica of Light of Two Worlds[1]
3 Broken Steel - A sword said to the strongest among the swords recast from the 5 fragments of Solomon's sword. [2]
6 Sacred Sword Blood Moon Owned by Angleca
14 Storm Warblade is also a Magic Weapon and owned by Evil Fire. [3]
17 Silver Snow [4]
20 Thunder Slaying Sword/ Killing Ray - An Epic Ranked one-handed sword that could be used until level 120, and is a sword recast from one of the 5 fragments of Solomon's Sword. One of Shi Feng's Primary weapons until he obtains Light of Two Worlds after reaching level 140.[5]
30 Netherworld Brilliance / Nether Shine [6]
31 Abyssal Blade (former) - A magic weapon used by Shi Feng that was ranked 31st on the list until Shi Feng found a fragment of the original weapon & recast it.
Blue Sky - It is mentioned to be on the list and is also a Magic Weapon. [7]
Bonfire - A famed sword used by Sirius in the dark arena.

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