First mentioned in chapter 251, there are a category of weapons in God's Domain that were famous due to their renown and achievement by their wielder.


There are a total of 36 Famed Swords in God's Domain and not all of them have been revealed

Known Famed Swords

Rank Name Description
1 Light of Two Worlds - A one-handed longsword used by Shi Feng as one of his primary weapons after he reaches over level 140. The weapon was one of God’s Domain’s Ten Great Legendary Weapons, but the Divine Power Sources within it were destroyed and has fallen to Fragmented Legendary Rank.[1] Shi Feng later obtains 2 Divine Power Sources and restores the sword to Legendary Rank.[2]
3 Broken Steel - A sword said to the strongest among the swords recast from the 5 fragments of Solomon's sword. [3]
6 Sacred Sword Blood Moon Owned by Angleca
14 Storm Warblade is also a Magic Weapon and owned by Evil Fire. [4]
17 Silver Snow [5]
20 Thunder Slaying Sword/ Killing Ray - An Epic Ranked one-handed sword that could be used until level 120, and is a sword recast from one of the 5 fragments of Solomon's Sword. One of Shi Feng's Primary weapons until he obtains Light of Two Worlds after reaching level 140.[1]
30 Netherworld Brilliance / Nether Shine [6]
31 Abyssal Blade (former) - A magic weapon used by Shi Feng that was ranked 31st on the list until Shi Feng found a fragment of the original weapon & recast it.
Blue Sky - It is mentioned to be on the list and is also a Magic Weapon. [7]
Afterglow - It was mentioned that the Twilight Blade, a prototype of Afterglow, would have been one of the Famed Swords. [8]
Bonfire - A famed sword used by Sirius in the dark arena.

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