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First mentioned in chapter 1408, when the auction for private houses and Shop of Stone Forest Town was ongoing.


The FFF Adventurer Team is one of the top 5 adventurer teams in the Black Dragon Empire. The Vice Commander Yi Luofei joined the Flower of Seven Sins as a reserve upper Echelon after being introduced by the Commander Yan Tianxing. [1]

When Zero Wing restored it's membership in the Secret Chamber of Commerce and also caused Starlink's advanced membership to be revoked, Yan Tianxing decides to bring the entire team to join Zero Wing. [2]


Name Class Role
Yan Tianxing Tier 2 Assassin Commander
Yi Luofei Tier 2 Elementalist Vice Commander


When the FFF Adventurer team was introduced, they had participated in the auction for private houses at Stone Forest Town.

They were mentioned again during the Black Dragon Empire's Ranking Competion. [3]

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