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Expansion Packs are certain events or changes to God's Domain whose effects are smaller in scale than Evolutions. These changes will most commonly affect only certain regions and pertain to specific storylines. Expansion packs are activated when players meet certain criteria including finding hidden areas and completing or advancing through certain quests.  


First evolution[]

  • 1st Evolution chapter 120 - 12 real-life hours
    • After the evolution of God’s Domain, the number of Hidden Attributes a player possessed had greatly increased. For example, Stamina, Concentration, and so on. However, one would only become aware of these changes after personally experiencing them. Players could no longer run tens of kilometers without tiring like before, nor would they be able to battle for as long as they wanted. Before, the only problem players faced was the tiring of the spirit. Now, however, everything was largely different. For players at Level 0, they would become dead-tired after only walking for two or three kilometers, not having even an ounce of fighting strength remaining. Similarly, continuously grinding monsters also became much more difficult. It was just like jogging. Players would consume a lot of stamina when battling monsters. Once a player’s stamina reduced to a certain threshold, their four limbs would turn feeble, while their spirits would grow exhausted.
    • Besides that, there were many more hidden changes that occurred after the evolution of God’s Domain.
    • As the Main God System made God’s Domain more realistic, simultaneously, players would find it even more difficult for them to level up

Second evolution[]

  • 2nd expansion - chapter 441 after Shi Feng killed lvl 30 rare lord
    • Free Combat System is introduced into the game. In future battles, the requirement of a player’s control over their skills would become extremely demanding, and mistakes might very well lead to friendly fire. It was especially true for AOE skills.
    • The difficulty of Dungeons significantly increased.
    • Players no longer needed to chant incantations or shout the name of their skills in order to use them. Players would need to activate their skills with movement. Every skill possessed a standard set of movements. So long as players performed the corresponding movements, they could activate their desired skills.
    • Players were no longer required to damage a monster with their skills to raise Skill Proficiency. Now, when players achieved a 50% Completion Rate with skills, they would gain 1 point to their Skill Proficiency. In addition, the awarded Skill Proficiency would increase with the percentage of their Completion Rate. That way, even if players fought monsters of the same level or two to three levels lower, they could still improve their Skill Proficiency. As players gained Skill Proficiency, their skill Levels would also grow.

Third evolution[]

  • 3rd expansion - Chapter 591 New Changes
    • After God’s Domain evolved for the third time, combat and environmental effects in the game had been optimized. Not only could players detect changes in temperature more acutely, but depending on the region one was in, they would also experience a gravitational shift. This change would easily throw players off-balance, particularly in battle. This gravitational shift would significantly impact a player’s display of their combat power.
    • With each of God’s Domain's evolution, the monsters in the game would grow increasingly smarter. After this evolution the Monster Combat System had also changed, making battles against monsters even more realistic. The result was a new weakness for monsters. In the past, monsters would only lose HP after being wounded. When their vital points were struck, the attack would only deal a little more damage than usual. Their movements would not be affected whatsoever. However, after the third system upgrade, monsters’ injuries could now affect their movements and attacks. This mechanic also held true for players however the effects could be lessened when players had healers to help them recover from these injuries. This was a huge advantage.
    • After God's Domain had undergone its third evolution, combat in the game had become more difficult for players. The Divine Colosseum became an indispensable place to train their combat techniques.

Fourth evolution[]

  • 4th expansion - Chapter 883
    • Activated due to the Main God System collecting sufficient data.
    • 40 hours update
    • Introduction of Mind Space System, also known as the Realm of God.

Fifth evolution[]

  • 5th expansion, 15-hour-long system update(chapter 1125)
    • This update improved God's Domain's traps. Not only would removing the traps become twice as difficult, but a trap's power and concealment effect would also increase significantly. Before the trap mechanisms in God's Domain had been perfected, adventurer players who explored the fields could get by financially in the game relatively easily. In the fields, their main problem when they found treasure was the guardian monsters. Players would rarely pay attention to the traps protecting these treasures. This was because there were only two possibilities when one tried to disable a trap. The first was that the trap could be disabled, although the time required varied, depending on the player. The other possibility was that the trap could not be disabled. One wouldn't receive any kind of punishment for failing to disable a trap. As a result, players rarely paid much attention to the Trap Disabler class. However, after this system update, a third outcome could occur. A trap could be disabled, but failure came with a risk. If one failed to disable a trap, they would trigger the trap itself. Trap's strengths varied. If players triggered a weaker trap, they might retain their lives. Even in the event of death, players would only suffer normal death penalties. For stronger traps, however, players might have to pay more than a single level for their failure.
    • There were many Lifestyle classes in God's Domain. They weren't limited to Forgers, Engineers, Alchemists, Enchanters, Leatherworkers, Tailors, Chefs, and such. There were many other Lifestyle classes that players did not pay much attention to such as Diviners, Architects, Appraisers, Fraudsters, Cultivators, Tamers, Scholars, Magicians, Locksmiths, and other minor subclasses. This latest update would gradually increase the importance of these minor subclasses in the game.
    • Originally, the Rest Space was an empty space with only a massive interface display and nothing else. Now, however, the dimly lit Rest Space had a set of stone doors ten meters tall with ancient runes carved on each door, lending them an ancient ambiance. Meanwhile, at a corner of the doors was a system interface for the Mind Space System.

Major Update(chapter 2695)[]

  • System Announcement: God’s Domain will undergo a major update. Simultaneously, the new expansion pack “Hero’s Return” will be activated. All players will be logged out in 30 minutes. The update’s estimated duration is one natural day.


  • The Great Catastrophe - Activated in Chapter 278.
    • The Endless Abyss was unsealed and the "Seven Treasures" were required to re-seal it. 
    • Monsters started to become more restless, with towns randomly coming under attack by Demonic Beasts. The biggest changes were to the nights in-game, the number of monsters would be higher than before. Monsters corrupted by the Endless Abyss would transform into powerful Demonic Beasts, with the weakest being Tier 1 monsters.
    • Towns would start issuing Defense Quest to players, to respond to these random assaults. As long as players were successful in their defense, they would be greatly rewarded with items and City Reputation.
  • Abyss Battlefield - Chapter 803
  • Abyss Invasion - Chapter 857
  • Disaster of the Evil God - Chapter 962
  • Demon God's Disturbance - Chapter 1197
  • Empire's Rise - Activated in Chapter 1369
  • Ice Crystal Awakening - Activated in Chapter 1462
  • Orc's Rebellion - Activated in Chapter 1536
  • Primordial Trial - Activated in Chapter 1644
  • Ice Crystal World - Activated in Chapter 1759
    • Countess Katie Green is given the title of Highlord, becoming the Black Dragon Empire's Eighth Highlord. Lake Heart City becomes her territory.
    • Highlord Katie Green would open a gate to the Ice Crystal World in Lake Heart City, and lead the empire's First Division on a conquest of the Ice Crystal World, officially starting the empire's conquest of Otherworlds.
  • Underground Country - Activated in Chapter 1844
    • Shi Feng activated the primordial taboo seal, opening the Underground Country, the Fire God's Ancient Lands
  • Return of the Survivors - Activated in Chapter 1934
    • Ancient Humans that have hidden away from God's Domain main continent will return. There will bring along their combat techniques and Lifestyle techniques from ancient times. For a small price of 3 Silver per attempt, players are able to learn from them. The gap between expert players, elite players, and normal players will be easily bridge, leading to a new definition of each type of player.
    • Teleportation fees between countries are reduced. Guild Transfer Scrolls prices were lowered. This would allow independent players and Guild players to have an easier time traveling around, hence increasing the competition between players, teams and guilds.
    • The Main God System releases the Mental Assistance System, which allows the incorporation of the player's habitual movements and nerve reactions from the real world into the game. Players will experience a more comfortable sense of control over their virtual bodies, removing the sense of separation from their physical bodies.
    • Exp Potions are introduced and allows low-level players to level up twice as fast, allowing them to catch up to the early gamers, eliminating most of the advantages of having an early foundation. The potion's effects last for six hours and disappear upon death, and are only effective up to slightly under the mainstream player's levels, which is determined by the Main God System.
  • Primordial Heart - Activated in Chapter 1968
    • Monsters in the Witch's Hill started to be transformed by the Primordial Gas leaking out of the Otherworld Gate, becoming more powerful and their bodies started to contain the gas. When the monsters are killed, they have a chance to drop Primordial Crystal Fragments, which can be synthesized into Primordial Crystals and used to nurture living Mounts.
    • The number of monsters in Witch's Hill is doubled and there is a major increase in the number of Field Bosses, which have been enhanced to greater difficulties.
    • Monster Sieges will occur more frequently. Normally there is only a 10% to 20% chance, but now it is increased to 20% to 35%.
  • Invasion of Other Planes - Activated in chapter 2303
    • Due to a player triggering an Epic Main Storyline Quest, the expansion pack was released.
    • Planar Passages to Otherworlds were open in various locations, allowing for players to travel between the Otherworlds and the main continent. This brought in a surge of Otherworlds' players and several new powers.
  • Demon God's Chaos - Activated in chapter 2636
    • The new expansion pack “Demon God’s Chaos” will activate in one natural day. At that time, all non-NPC towns and cities will no longer receive the protection of NPC kingdoms and empires.
  • Hero’s Return - Activated in Chapter 2695
  • Wars of Worlds - mention in chapter 2771. its a future expansion refer to Shi Feng experience before reincarnated. There would be several worlds attacking the main continent of God’s Domain. For the sake of their own survival, these worlds would wage war with each other on an unprecedented scale. The winner would live, and the loser would die!