First mentioned in chapter 960, when Shi Feng identified a group of one-horned monsters' origin.


The opposite of the War God's Temple, the Evil God's Temple sole purpose is the destruction of God's Domain and of all life. A Evil God's Temple is rumored to exist in each empire and kingdom, and whoever activates it becomes an Evil God's Envoy and gains the power to raise Evil Beasts and Evil Demons, while collecting contribution points (CPs) based on the destruction and quests they complete for the temple or by trading in large amount of resources. Each envoy is allowed to have 5 Evil God's Apostle, whom receive a portion of their abilities.

Special Features of the temple

Within each temple, they are inbuilt magic arrays to defend against the attacks of others, as well as offensive magic arrays to retaliate against them. Each use of an offensive magic array requires 3,000 CPs to use.

Special Legacies

The Evil God's temple is mentioned to have Nine Great Legacies,[1] The method to gain the legacies aren't mentioned, but so far only 2 people have been mentioned to have obtained them: Beast Emperor and Dust Edge.


When the War God's Temple captured an Evil God's Temple player, it signified the end for said player. The captured player's only option would be starting a new account. Moreover, they wouldn't be allowed to rejoin the game immediately. They would have to wait one month before they could create the new account.



Name/ Account Name Class Role Status Location
Beast Emperor Evil God's Envoy Sealed Star-Moon Kingdom
Abandoned Wave One of Beast Emperor's Apostle Sealed Star-Moon Kingdom
Flame Blood One of Beast Emperor's Apostle Sealed Star-Moon Kingdom
Wind Hunter One of Beast Emperor's Apostle Purple Thorns Kingdom
Dust Edge Evil Dragon Envoy One of Beast Emperor's Apostle


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