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First mentioned in chapter 8, when Shi Feng found the Rock-Iron Shield and mentioned that it would be useful in Level 5 & Level 8 Dungeons.

In God’s Domain are several types of Dungeons 副本, like normal or ‘Instance’ Dungeons, Regional Dungeons and Field Dungeons.[1][2]


Instance Dungeons

The Instance Dungeons are divided into three categories, small-scale Dungeons, large-scale Dungeons[3] and super-large-scale Dungeons.[4]

Dungeon Size Dungeon Type
Small-scale 5-man Party Dungeons[5][6]
6-man Party Dungeons[7]
10-man Team Dungeons[8]
10-man Great Dungeons[9]
20-man Team Dungeons[10]
Large-scale 50-man Team Dungeons[11]
100-man Team Dungeons[12]
Super large-scale 200 to 500-man Team Dungeons [13][14]

Layout and Location

Each Dungeon has an entrance within its Dungeon Area. [15][16] When a team or party enters an Instance Dungeon, they are transported to a different dimension called the Dungeon, separated from any other party or team that enters the Instance Dungeon.

The Dungeons in God’s domain are very large and have a high degree of freedom within the Dungeon. [17] Team Dungeons, unlike Party Dungeons, has an extremely large map. The area varies from the size of a Small Town to the size of a city with a population in the millions. [18] While inside the Dungeon, players had access to the in-game system map of the Dungeon.[19]

As players progress through the game, they will gain access to large-scale Dungeons. The most common are 50-man dungeons, there are also some 100-man Dungeons available. [20] In contrast to the Town Regions, the City Regions have plenty of higher-level Dungeons.[21] The three level 10 Large-scale Dungeons are also called the Three Great Dungeons and their Hell mode difficulty is the most difficult Dungeon below level 20 Dungeons.[22]

Difficulty Mode

Players can choose the Dungeon's difficulty at the entrance before entering the Dungeon. Party Dungeons and Team Dungeons have similar difficulties: Normal, Hard and Hell. The higher the selected difficulty, the higher the level of the Monsters and Bosses in the dungeon. [23][24][25]

When Hell mode is selected, the Teleportation Gate turns from silver-gray to pitch black and at the same time, a flickering skull with its mouth wide opened could be vaguely seen. [23]

Difficulty Mode - Monsters

Higher difficulty will increase the monster's intelligence, battle method complication, Attack, Defense, HP and the monster quantity.[17] Unlike field Monsters, due to the Dungeon’s strengthening, Dungeon monsters have higher Attack, Defense, and HP.[17][26] Lords inside Team Dungeons have much higher HPs, Attack Power and attack patterns than Field Lords. [27]

Difficulty Mode - Change

In Team Dungeons, Bosses and monsters would not respawn even if the Team decides to change difficulties midway. Teams would not be able to kill Bosses that were already defeated. Depending on which Boss a team fought up to, they would simply continue from the same Boss after switching difficulties. Only, the strength of the remaining monsters and Bosses would change according to the new difficulty.[28]

Inherent Difficulty

Inherent Difficulty - Level

Each Dungeon has a level that indicates the general level of the enemies and has a distinct Inherent Difficulty which could vary greatly for each Dungeon of the same level. [29][30] Monsters and Bosses with higher level have higher Basic Attributes, moreover the bosses will have higher intelligence in higher level Dungeons.[31]

Players can enter the dungeon even though their level is below or above the Dungeon's level.[32]

Inherent Difficulty - Team Dungeons

Relative Inherent Difficulty
Team Dungeons > Party Dungeons
The Inherent Difficulty of Team Dungeons is higher than Party Dungeons of the same Level, despite the increased amount of the Team’s Players. However the equipment is also much better.[33]
20-man Team Dungeons > 10-man Team Dungeons
20-man Team Dungeon is more difficult compared to a 10-man Team Dungeon. [34][35] Due to the fact that level 10 is a large threshold, entering a Level 10, 20-man Hard Mode Team Dungeon at Level 10 is the equivalent of entering a Level 5, 20-man Hell Mode Team Dungeon at Level 5.[36] The Hell Mode 20-man Team Dungeon with the highest inherent difficulty of the same level in a particular City Region will always reward a Jackpot after killing a Boss during the First Clear. [37]
Large-scale Team Dungeons > Small-scale Team Dungeons
Large-scale Team Dungeons’ difficulty is higher by two to three levels compared to small-scale Team Dungeons.[38]
100-man Team Dungeons > 50-man Team Dungeons
The difficulty of a 100-man large-scale Dungeon is on an entire different level compared to a 50-man Team Dungeon of the same Level. [39] 100-man Dungeons have a higher number of monsters and the monsters’ strength inside are significantly higher than in a 50-man Dungeon.[40]
200-man Team Dungeons > 100-man Team Dungeon
The raiding difficulty of a super-large-scale Team Dungeon is many times greater than that of a 100-man Team Dungeon.[41]
Neutral Map Dungeons > Kingdom/Empire Dungeons
Team Dungeons in Neutral Maps are much more difficult than Team Dungeons in Kingdoms and Empires.[42]

Inherent Difficulty - Quest

If the objective of a Quest involves clearing a Dungeon, the Dungeon’s difficulty, objective and layout can change and the Boss could undergo frightening enhancements. [43][44]

Dungeon Goal

The goal of an Instance Dungeon depends on the Dungeons’ category, Expedition Dungeons or Survival Dungeons. Expedition Dungeons’ main goal is to kill the final Boss, players do not need to leave the Dungeon to record the clear and receive the corresponding Dungeon rewards.[45]

Survival Dungeons’s main goal after entering is to find the exit. When players find the exit they can leave the Dungeon and subsequently cleared the Dungeon. Then they would receive the corresponding Dungeon rewards.[46]

First Kill

When the Final Boss is killed for the first time in a Party Dungeon, a First Kill is rewarded to the party, increasing the rewards and loot by 100%.[47][48]

First Clear & Fastest Clear

After recording the First Clear or the Fastest Clear of a Team Dungeon, the name of the Team and Players will be listed on the Glory List beside the Teleportation Gate of the Dungeon’s Entrance.[49]

After recording the First Clear of a 100-man Hell Mode Dungeon the achievement would be recorded in the Epic List of God’s Domain, God’s Domain Glory List. This allows anyone in God’s Domain to look at it in the Glory Temple in the various major cities throughout the continent.[50][51]

First Clear

Players can achieve the First Clear by being the first team to complete the Dungeon’s goal. [52] The First Clear can be recorded for every difficulty setting separately, however, some Dungeon’s Difficulty settings do not have a First Clear available. [53]

When players achieve a First Clear at any Difficulty for small-scale Dungeons such as 6-man party Dungeons, 10-man Team Dungeons and 20-man Team Dungeons, First Clear for Large-scale Dungeons will only be recorded on Hell mode Difficulty.[54][52][53]

After players exceed the level of the (large-scale Team) Dungeon by more than 5 levels they no longer qualify for the First Clear of the Dungeon. However, either due to Gentle Snow being misinformed or the limit being changed, the level exceed limit for the First Clear is later adjusted to +10 levels. In order to record the First Clear, Players need to freeze their level progress at the Dungeon’s level +10 levels. [54][55][56]

Achieving the First Clear of a Hell Mode Team Dungeon rewards Guild Reputation points.[57] Achieving the First Clear of a Hard Mode large-scale Team Dungeon also rewards Guild Popularity and Guild Reputation. [58] Achieving the First Clear of Hard Mode (small-scale) Team Dungeons only rewards EXP.[57]

In order for a Guild to level up, clearing Large-scale Dungeons for Guild Reputation is essential.[59] The Guild Residence Promotion Orders has a 100% drop-rate from the First Clear of a large-scale Team Dungeons. Afterward the cleared Dungeon would have a drop-rate of less than 1%.[60]

Fastest Clear

The team needs to clear the Dungeon within the implemented clear time set by the Main God System in order to record the first Fastest Clear. This time is in general 3 hours, however, this initial implemented clear time depends on the type of Team Dungeon and Inherent Difficulty. Additionally, the Main God System would set the implemented clear time at a very high bar.[61][62] Another team can replace the Fastest Clear holders by clearing the dungeon within the recorded Fastest Clear time.[63]

The Fastest Clear record is divided into two categories, Hard Mode and Hell Mode. Normal Mode did not have a record and no Fastest Clear could be recorded.[64]

Clear Limits

Dungeon Clear Limits
Dungeon Type Hell Mode Hard Mode Normal Mode
Party Dungeons [65] 1 time / day 5 times / day Unlimited
Small-scale Team Dungeons 1 time / 3 days
Large-scale Team Dungeons
Super large-scale Team Dungeons 1 time / 7 days

20-man and 50-man Team Dungeons reset every three days, regardless it was cleared.[66][67] After the Dungeon is cleared, it can only be entered again after three days from the initial time of entering.[68] Moreover, each difficulty can be cleared separately.[69] Super-large-scale Team Dungeons reset only once a week.[70]

Death and Penalty

When Players die in a Dungeon they lose a portion of EXP of their current level, in contrast to an entire level of a Death outside the Dungeon.

Death Penalty
Dungeon Type Hell Mode Hard Mode Normal Mode
Party Dungeon 20% EXP. [71] 10% EXP[72]
Small-scale Team Dungeon 10% EXP. [73] 5% EXP[74]
Large-scale Team Dungeon
Super large-scale Team Dungeon 15% EXP.[75] 10% EXP.[76]

When a team dies within a Dungeon they will be revived outside the Dungeon at it’s Resurrection Graveyard.[77]


In order to leave a dungeon, players can either head to the dungeon's entrance or use a Return Scroll to be automatically sent back to the entrance. [78] After clearing a dungeon's objective, the team can leave together via the dungeon's party teleportation from the System Panel. [79] When players leave a Hell Mode Dungeon, the silver-gray teleportation gate at the entrance chances to a pitch black, indistinct skull that starts roaring. [80]

Dungeon Bosses

Dungeons usually have multiple Bosses and the Final Boss typically has the highest Difficulty.[81] A Party Dungeon Boss is equivalent to a Chieftain Rank Monster. [82][83]

Bosses in Team Dungeons have higher strength, speed, and combat standards compared to Bosses in Party Dungeons. [84] Additionally in Team Dungeons, anything ranked above a Chieftain Rank monster are categorized as Bosses.[85]

Boss Rank(Level 5 - 50 Dungeons)
Hell Mode Hard Mode Normal Mode
6-man Party Dungeon Lord[86][87] Chieftain[88][89] Chieftain[90]
10-man Team Dungeon
20-man Team Dungeon High Lord[91] Lord[92] Lord[93]
50-man Team Dungeon High Lord[94]
Great Lord[95]
High Lord[96][97]
100-man Team Dungeon Great Lord[98][99]
Grand Lord[100]

At Level 50 and above Dungeon, they start having have Lords as the Final Boss. This is because as players promote to higher tiers, the Bosses also gradually increased in Rank.[101]

Dungeon Bosses - Field Bosses

Field Bosses of the same Level are more powerful, have higher Strength, Attack Power, and Defense than Dungeon Bosses, however, Dungeon Bosses have much higher HP. [102][103] Additionally Dungeon Bosses possessed some special Skills, especially the Final Dungeon Boss. The Final Dungeon Boss usually has higher intelligence allowing it to strike a team's weak points.[104]

Furthermore, in contrast to Field Bosses, obtained items from Dungeon Bosses would not drop from the Player’s bag with 100% certainty after being killed within two hours of obtaining it. [105]

Loot and Rewards

The rewards and drop-rate will increase with higher Difficulty Mode.[106] Some items are exclusive to higher Difficulty modes. Details of a Dungeon’s various loot is sometimes described in official announcements.[107] However, the Official Website only reveals information about a Team Dungeon’s drops after the Dungeon is cleared.[108]

Known Loot


Summary of Equipment Rank Level 20 Dungeons(drop chance)
DungeonType Hell Mode Hard Mode Normal mode
6-man Party - Secret-Silver(fixed)[109]
10-man Team - Secret-Silver(100%)[109]
20-man Team - Fine-Gold(100%) [109] Fine-Gold(fixed)[109] Mysterious-Iron(100%)[110]
Dark-Gold(fixed)[111] Mysterious-Iron Set(fixed)[112]
50-man Team - Dark-Gold[113] Fine-Gold Set(fixed)[114][115]
100-man Team - Dark-Gold Set[116] Fine-Gold(100%)[117]
Epic(slight)[118] Fine-Gold Set[119]

Generally, Level 50 is a major turning point in God's Domain and differences in Equipment standards between Level 45 and 50 are significant. Therefore the drop-rate is greatly reduced for level 50 and above Equipment.

Summary of Equipment Rank Level 50 Dungeons(drop chance)

Dungeon Type Hell Mode Hard Mode
20-man Team - Secret-Silver(acceptable)[122] Secret-Silver(extremely low)[123]
50-man Team - Secret -Silver(presumed) Secret -Silver(presumed)
100-man Team - Fine-Gold(fixed)[124][125] Fine-Gold(practically 0%)[126][127]
Fine-Gold Set[128]
200-man Team - Fine-Gold(+5 levels)[129] Fine-Gold(presumed)
Dark-Gold(+5 levels)[130] Dark-Gold(presumed)
Dark-Gold Set(+5 levels)[131] Dark-Gold Set[132]
Battle Array[134] Battle Array[134]

Specific Equipment Sets

  • Level 50 Landslide Set (Shield Warriors, Fine-Gold Set Equipment) could only be obtained from Level 50, 100-man Team Dungeons.[135]
  • Level 55 Dark Corrosion Set (Plate Armor, six-piece Dark-Gold Set Equipment) drops in Hell Mode super-large-scale Team Dungeons.[136]
  • Level 55 Sundial Set (Cloth Armor, six-piece Dark-Gold Set Equipment) drops in Hell Mode super-large-scale Team Dungeons.[137]
  • Level 55 Breaker Set (Berserker Class, Dark-Gold Set Equipment) normally only drops in super-large-scale Team Dungeons.[138]

Other items

Small-scale Team Dungeons

  • 20-man Team Dungeons (and above)
    • Hell Mode exclusive production materials are obtainable from 20-man Hell Mode Dungeons.[139]
    • Berserk Potions can be obtained from Bosses of Team Dungeons with a 0.2% drop rate.[140]
    • Advanced Whetstone Recipe have a chance of dropping from the Boss of Team Dungeons.[141]
    • Basic Holy Spirit Potion Recipe can be obtained from Level 30 and above Team Dungeons with a very low drop-rate.[142]
    • Magic Crystals are obtainable from killing Dungeon’s Bosses, however the amount varies from dungeon to dungeon. [143] A Party Dungeon would drop a few pieces, while Team Dungeons would drop a little more. [144] Meanwhile, Normal Mode Dungeons very rarely dropped Magic Crystals and the Hell Mode Dungeons' drop-rate is ten times higher than Normal Mode on average[145]
    • Fire Essence Stones, Ice Crystal Water, and Titan Ore are obtainable from a few Level 50 Team Dungeons in the Star-Moon Kingdom.[146]

Large-scale Team Dungeons

  • 50-man Team Dungeons'(and above)'
    • Non-purchasable Facilities of the Guild Residence were obtainable from Level 25 and above large-scale Team Dungeons. [147]
    • Bronze Mounts are obtainable from some large-scale Team Dungeons.
    • Secret-Silver Mounts are obtainable from some large-scale Team Dungeons with a low drop-rate.[148]
    • Hundred Beast Wood and Essence of Mana are only obtainable from large-scale Team Dungeons.[149][150]
    • Mana Essence only drops from 50-man or more Team Dungeons.[151]
    • Tier 3 Gemstones are only dropped from Level 30 and above large-scale Dungeons.[152]
    • Tier 1 Skill Books have a drop-rate of around 2% in a large-scale Hell Mode Team Dungeon
    • Tier 2 Skill Books have a drop-rate of less than 0.3% in Level 50 and above large-scale Hell Mode Team Dungeons.[153]
    • Elemental Water is obtainable from large-scale Team Dungeons with a very low drop-rate.[154]
    • 3-star Guild Residence Promotion Order only drops in the Level 50 Hell Mode large-scale Team Dungeons within the area of every few or dozen Cities of a Kingdom.
    • 4-star Guild Residence Promotion Order only drops in one or two large-scale Team Dungeons of a Kingdom.[155]
  • 100-man Team Dungeons
    • Stable Designs are obtainable from Level 20 to Level 60, 100-man Team Dungeons with an abysmally low drop-rate.[156][157] The Stable Design is also obtainable outside Dungeons with abysmal drop-rates but 100-man Team Dungeons have a somewhat higher drop-rate.[158]
    • Holy City of Titan's passes are obtainable from Level 30 and above 100-man large-scale Team Dungeons. However, the drop-rate of Level 30 or Level 40 Dungeons is practically 0%. Level 50 100-man Team Dungeons have a slightly higher drop-rate of 0,1% for the Titan City Pass. Moreover, the drop-rate is not affected by a player's Luck Attribute.[159]
    • Ebony Stone is only obtainable from Dungeon Bosses in 100-man Team Dungeons with an abysmal drop-rate.[160]
    • Fine Titan Ore is obtainable from 100-man Team Dungeons with a painfully low drop-rate.[161]
    • Mana Stones are obtainable from Bosses in 100-man Hard Mode Team Dungeons with a drop-rate of 2%.[162][163]
    • Advanced Magic Core only drops from Final Bosses in 100-man Hell Mode Team Dungeons with an extremely low drop-rate.[164] Additionally, the Advanced Magic Core could drop from bosses of Level 50 and above Team Dungeons with a drop-rate below 100%.[165]
    • Mana Crystal only drops from 100-man Hell Mode Team Dungeons, with a really low drop-rate.[166]
    • Epic Materials have an extremely low drop-rate in 100-man, Hard Mode Team Dungeons.[167]

Super large-scale Team Dungeons

  • 200 to 500-man Team Dungeons
    • Town Relocation Order can be obtained from the first clear of a Level 50, super-large-scale Hell Mode Team Dungeon. [168]
    • Temporal Sand has a chance to drops with a few grains in Normal and above super-large-scale Team Dungeons, the drop-rate depends on the dungeon's difficulty.[169]
    • 3-star Guild Residence Promotion Order drops in Level 50 super-large-scale Team Dungeons.[170]
    • Construction Designs and Construction Upgrade Orders are obtainable from Level 50, 100-man Hell Mode Team Dungeons, and super-large-scale Team Dungeons.[171]
    • Guild Magic Car Lease drops only in specific super-large-scale Team Dungeons in each country.[172]
    • City Teleportation Magic Array Design could only be obtained from the Final Boss of super-large-scale Hell Mode Team Dungeons with a drop-rate of 2%.[173]
  • Level 100 dungeons
    • Level 100 and above Dark-Gold and Epic ranked weapons and equipment, which greatly boost the abilities of Tier 2 players and give them a better chance at completing their Tier 3 Promotion Quest. [174][175]
    • Tier 3 Skill and Spell Books [174]

Loot Restriction

Combat Techniques do not drop in Team Dungeons.[176]


Aside from loot, guilds are able to obtain Guild Reputation Points with the nearest City and Kingdom or Empire, when they obtain the First Clear for a Hard Mode Team Dungeon and Hell Mode Team Dungeon. [177][178][179]


After the first 20-man Team Dungeon (Dark Moon Graveyard) was cleared, God’s Domain went through it's First Evolution.

After one of the Three Great Dungeons was cleared, the Alchemy Synthesis System was unlocked for the corresponding City.[180] Additionally, the War God’s Temple Exchange System was activated allowing players to exchange for items with their Contribution Points.[181] Furthermore, the Players who successfully raided one of the Three Great Dungeons could activate the Card Set Exchange System.[182]

After the first 100-man Team Dungeon was cleared, God's Domain underwent it's Second Evolution, which activated a teleportation gate to the Divine Colosseum that would appear in every city. [183] However, due to Shi Feng killing the Crimson Shadow Wolf in the Land of the Fallen Star while in Free-Mode, it triggered the Second Evolution sooner in the current time-line.[184]

Once the First Clear is recorded for the 100-man Team Dungeon, God’s Domain would activate its Third Evolution, however, due to Shi Feng obtaining a Land Mount, it triggered earlier than expected.[185]

System Announcements

After a Team or Guild completes a particular achievement, the System Announcement of the corresponding regions will broadcast a congratulations message about the Team’s or Guild’s achievement to anyone in its corresponding region. After recording the First Clear the Team Leader has 30 seconds to decide to release a congratulatory announcement to the public, otherwise, the announcement will be made by default.[186] The congratulation message for recording the First Clear and Fastest Clear of a particular Dungeon is repeated three times. [187] The First Clear of a 100-Man Hell Team Dungeon is repeated 5 times.[188]

The First Clear can be recorded on Hard and Hell mode difficulty separately, and every recorded First Clear will have its corresponding System Announcement. [189]

Summary First Clear Region System Announcements
Type Dungeon Difficulty Region
All Normal None[190]
6-man Party - All None[191]
10-man Team - Hard City[192](presumed)
Hell City(presumed)
20-man Team - Hard City[193][194]
Hell City[195][196]
50-man Team - Hard Kingdom/Empire/Country[197][198][199]
Hell Kingdom/Empire/Country[200]
God’s Domain Continent[201]
100-man Team - Hard God’s Domain Continent[202]
Hell Entire God’s Domain[203]

Dungeon Restrictions


  • Tools(later stages)
    • In God's Domain's later stages, there are many Regional Dungeons and Team Dungeons that prohibit the use of tools.[209]


  • Hired Guards cannot be used to kill monsters or raid Dungeons but they could be used to defend a town, private residence, or help players complete large-scale Guild Quests. [210]
  • Personal Guards are allowed but they take up a Dungeon Slot and they need to be within the Dungeon's Level. A First Clear is not be recorded when a Personal Guard participates in a Team Dungeon.[211][212]

Regional Dungeons

Besides instance-based Dungeons, there are Regional Dungeons that form a space of their own and all players will share the same space. There are no limits to the player count, and it is exclusive to players who are within the Dungeon's Level Range. Players who are below or beyond the level range will not be able to enter the dungeon. Each regional dungeon can be categorized into 5 Modes: Normal, Hard, Hell, Asura, and God. [213]

Regional Dungeons have high drop rates for Magic Crystals, thus many guilds focus their teams on regional dungeons. Each dungeon has its own specialty products. Regional Dungeons that appear in Neutral maps would have higher quality items than those in Kingdoms and Empires. [214][215][216]

Special Regional Dungeons

Special Regional Dungeons have two selectable difficulty settings: Normal and Hero. The two difficulty modes are separate dimensions. The Hero mode offers better loot drops. However, the Hero mode was more difficult than Normal Mode. After challenging the difficulty mode it would have a cooldown time of a week.[217]

Known Regional Dungeons

Dungeon Title Location

White Fog Canyon[218]

Star-Moon Kingdom
Details: Level 20 - 30[219] Hard Mode Regional Dungeon
Specialty Products: Starfire Ore, Warfire Set Equipment
Stoneclaw Mountains[220] Star-Moon Kingdom
Details: Level 30 - 49 Asura Mode Regional Dungeon
Specialty Products: Magic Crystals, Barrier Crystal Balls.[221]
Undead Gorge [222] Star-Moon Kingdom
Details Level 35 and above Asura Mode Regional Dungeon
Red Iron Mine[223] Star-Moon Kingdom
Details Level ? ? Mode small-scale Regional Dungeon
Frozen Scar[224] Star-Moon Kingdom
Details: Level ? Asura Mode Regional Dungeon
Final Boss: Frost King

Tower of Time[225]

Twin Towers Kingdom
Details: Level 50 - 70 Large-scale Asura Mode Regional Dungeon[226]
Specialty Products: Magic Crystals, Seven Luminaries Crystals.[227]
Mournful Ruins[228] Which's Hill of Star-Moon Kingdom.[229]
Details: level ? Hell Mode Regional Dungeon
Specialty Products: Magic Crystals[230]
Orc Capital City[231] Orc Empire
Details: Level 50 - 100 Asura Mode Regional Dungeon
Specialty Products: Magic Crystals


near Frozen City of the Ice Crystal World.[232]

Details: Level ? Asura Mode Regional Dungeon
Specialty Products: Magic Crystals

Salock Mountains[233]

Neutral Map near the Storm Empire

Details: Tier 2 Hell Mode Regional Dungeon
Specialty Products: Fine Titan Ore


Details: Level ? God Mode Regional Dungeon.

(Most dangerous Regional Dungeon of God's Domain)

Final Boss: Tier 6 God Boss

Known Instance Dungeons

Deathly Forest Dungeon - Located near Red Leaf Town.[235]

  • Details: Level 2 Dungeon, 6-man Party Dungeon.
  • Special Condition: The Dungeon would open when a certain number of players in Red Lead Town reach level 2.[236]
  • Loot: Basic Skill Books for every Class is dropped by the monsters within the Dungeon. The final boss, Werewolf Felt, can drop a forging design with very low probability.[237]

Wolfman Dungeon - Located near Red Leaf Town.[238]

  • Details: Level 3 Dungeon, 6-man Party Dungeon.

Black Wolf’s Den - Located near Red Leaf Town.[239]

Ghost Fortress - Located near Red Leaf Town.[239]

Lava Cavern - Located near Red Leaf Town.[239]

Dark Moon Graveyard - Located within Dark Moon Valley.[240]

  • Details: Level 5, 20-man Team Dungeon.
  • Loot (Hell Mode): Bronze Rank Equipment, Mysterious Iron Rank Equipment, [Death Word Set Equipment](Level 5, Cloth Armor Set, Mysterious Iron Rank)[241], Secret Silver Rank Equipment, Runic Sword, Runic Shield, Broken Ash Blade, Advanced Whetstone Recipe, rare materials.[242]
  • Boss:
  • Rewards Hell Mode:[243]
    • 10 Reputation Points in White River City
    • 30 Reputation Points in Red Leaf Town
    • Mysterious Treasure Chest,
    • 50,000 EXP
    • 10 Glory Points

Goblin Factory - Located in the White River City Region.[244]

  • Details: Level 10, Team Dungeon.[245]

Dark Crow Cave - Located in the White River City Region.[246]

  • Details: Level 10 Dungeon, 10-man Team Dungeon.
  • Loot: Level 10 Mysterious-Iron Set Equipment, Secret-Silver ranked items, large number of rare materials.

Old Ruins - Located in the White River City Region.[247]

  • Details: High Level 10 Dungeon, 10-man Team Dungeon.

Crystal Ruins - Located in the White River City Region.[248]

  • Details: Level 10 to Level 13 Dungeon(presumed)[249], 20-man Team Dungeon.[250]
  • Rewards Hard Mode:
    • First Clear: 50.000 EXP, 1 Silver Coin
    • Fastest Clear: 50.000 EXP, Tier 1 Gemstone of random Attribute.

Beastman Munition Factory - Located in the White River City Region.[251]

  • Details: Level 10 to Level 13 Dungeon, 20-man Team Dungeon.
  • Loot: [Wind Extinguisher Set Equipment](Swordsman, Level 10)
  • Bosses:
  • Rewards Hard Mode:
    • First Clear: 50.000 EXP, 1 Silver Coin
    • Fastest Clear: 50.000 EXP, Tier 1 Gemstone of random Attribute.

The Frost Nest - Located in the White River City Region.[252]

  • Details: Level 12 Dungeon, 20-man Team Dungeon.

Land of Death (One of the Three Great Dungeons) - Located in the White River Region.[253]

  • Details: Level 10, 50-man large-scale Dungeon.[254]
  • Loot, Hard Mode: Secret-Silver ranked Set Equipment, Cooking Recipes, Forging Designs, Guild Task Order[255], Snowfall Set Equipment[256],
  • Bosses: 5 Bosses, White-bone Giant Elephant Jera(4th Boss)[257][258],
  • Rewards:

Bone Ruin[259] - Located in the White River Region.[260]

  • Details: Level 10, 50-man large-scale Dungeon.[261]
  • Rewards Hard Mode (White River City): [262]
    • First Clear: 10,000 Guild Reputation, 10,000 Guild Popularity, 100 Reputation Points in White River City, and 10 Reputation Points in the Star-Moon Kingdom.

Sleeping Forest - Located within Moonlight Forest.[263]

  • Details: Level 10, 50-man large-scale Dungeon.[264]

The Demon’s Castle - Located in the Cursed Land[265][266]

  • Details: Level 10 to Level 15 Apex Dungeon, 20-man Team Dungeon.(Highest inherent difficulty) [267][268]
  • Loot: Demon’s Heart[269]
  • Boss: Dark Knight Gaia[270]
  • Rewards Hell Mode:[271]
    • First Clear: 40 Reputation Points in White River City, 10 Reputation Points in the Star-Moon Kingdom, 300,000 EXP, 10 Silver Coins.
    • Fastest Clear: 40 Reputation Points in White River City, 10 Reputation Points in the Star-Moon Kingdom, 300,000 EXP, Tier 2 Gemstone of random Attribute.

Wind Ridge - Located in the White River City Region[272]

  • Details: Level 15 Dungeon, 20-man Team Dungeon.(below average inherent difficulty) [273]

Bloodfang Fort - Located in the White River City Region.[274]

  • Details: Level 15 Dungeon, 20-man Team Dungeon.

Cerek Castle - Located in the White River City Region.[275]

  • Details: Level 20 Dungeon, 50-Man large-scale Team Dungeon.

Ruins of the Crow God - Located in the White River City Region.[276]

  • Details: Level 25 Dungeon, 50-man Team Dungeon.

Thunder Palace - Located in the White River City Region.[277]

  • Details: Level 20 Dungeon, 100-Man large-scale Team Dungeon.

Frost Prison[278]

  • Details: level 30 Dungeon, 100-Man large-scale Team Dungeon.[279]
  • Bosses Hard Mode: All Great lords; Final Boss: [Frost Giant] (Elemental Being, Great Lord)[280]
  • Bosses Hell Mode: Final Boss: [Frost Giant] (Elemental Being, Grand Lord)[281]
  • Loot: Fine-Gold Rank Items, High chance of Dark-Gold Rank Items
  • Rewards Hard Mode:[282]
    • First Clear (White River City): 4,000,000 EXP, 70 Silver, 100 White River City Reputation Points, 40 Star-Moon Kingdom Reputation Points.
    • First Clear (Star-Moon Kingdom): 5,000,000 EXP, 5 Tier 2 Gemstones of random Attributes, 100 White River City Reputation Points, and 50 Star-Moon Kingdom Reputation Points.
    • First Clear (God’s Domain Southern Continent): 6,000,000 EXP, 1 Tier 3 Gemstone of random Attributes, 100 Star-Moon Kingdom Reputation Points, and 10 Humanity Reputation Points.
  • Rewards Hell Mode:[283]
    • First Clear (Star-Moon Kingdom): 9,000,000 EXP, 1 Tier 3 Gemstone of a random Attribute, 100 Star-Moon Kingdom Reputation Points, 10 Humanity Reputation Points.
    • First Clear (God’s Domain Southern Continent): 10,000,000 EXP, 5 Tier 3 Gemstones of random Attributes, 100 Star-Moon Kingdom Reputation Points, 20 Humanity Reputation Points.
    • First Clear (God’s Domain Continent): 15,000,000 EXP, 10 Tier 3 Gemstones of random Attributes, 200 Star-Moon Kingdom Reputation Points, 30 Humanity Reputation Points.

Flame Nest - [284]

  • Details: level 25, large-scale Team Dungeon.
  • Special Condition: High Fire Resistance required.
  • Loot: Guild Mine Certificate (small chance), Guild Medicine Garden Certificate (small chance). [[
  • Reward: Most Guild Reputation of all the level 25 Dungeons.

Towers of Death - Located in the Star-Moon Kingdom.[285]

  • Details: level 50, large-scale Team Dungeon.

Blizzard Fortress - Located in the Frozen Scar of Star-Moon Kingdom.[286]

  • Details: Level 50, 100-man large-scale Team Dungeon.
  • Loot: Ice-Resistance Equipment.

Flaming Ruins - Located in the Star-Moon Kingdom.[287]

  • Details: Level 50, 200 to 500-man super-large-scale Team Dungeon.

Silent Castle - Located in the Star-Moon Kingdom.[288]

  • Details: Level 50, 200-man super large-scale Team Dungeon.

The Eclipse Throne - Located in the Eclipse Gate.[289]

  • Details: Level 50, 200-man Super Large-scale Team Dungeon.


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