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First introduced in chapter 544, the Dragon-Phoenix Pavilion is a super-first-rate Guild and operates mostly in Black Dragon Empire and other Kingdoms.


Dragon-Phoenix Pavilion is a super-first-rate Guild and its strength is split three ways. Among them, the Great Pavilion Master holds the greatest power within the Pavilion, with the other two forces being the Heavenly Dragon Pavilion and Phoenix Pavilion. Ku Rong is the current Great Pavilion Master for Dragon-Phoenix Pavilion. [1]


The guild is split into three separate forces hence this list will only include neutral members, Elders, and the Great Pavilion Master.

In order to become a core member of the guild, one has to be at least a Refinement Realm expert. A player will become a pillar of strength once they reach the Void Realm. [2] It is stated that the pavilion itself has more than 100 Refinement Realm experts. [3]

Name Class Realm Role
Ku Rong Domain Realm Great Pavilion Master
Windy Moon Domain Realm Upper Echelon [4]

Guilds Towns, Cities, and Other Locations[]

Guild Cities[]


Mythology's Visit and Nine Dragons Emperor's Plan (Chapter 2429 to 2437)[]

When Phoenix Rain contacted Blackflame after he saved Zwei's team in the Molten Canyon, he was informed that Mythology had sent some representatives to the Dragon-Phoenix Pavilion's headquarters in Twilight City to discuss some business with them. Concerned that they were there to make trouble, she had requested his presence during the meeting.

When Phoenix Rain returned, Nine Dragons Emperor led Cold Shadow down to the lobby and she expressed her interest to buy over her shares in Candlelight Trading Firm in exchange for working together with the guild by providing special materials and specialty products (Tier 2 Combat Runes) from the Western Continent. However, before they could come to a decision, Zero Wing appeared above the headquarters with three Crimson Dragon Flying Ship. One of the ships landed and Blackflame led the rest of the guild's Tier 3 experts, who were all Level 105, out of the ship.

With Zero Wing's display of strength, Phoenix Rain proceeded to reject Cold Shadow's offer despite the latter increasing her offer to include Tier 3 Combat Runes and Nine Dragons Emperor trying to use the Grand Elders of the guild to pressure her. Blackflame's reveal of the sale of Twelve Elemental Pillars Barrier Scroll to Phoenix Rain caught the attention of the Grand Elders and the other guild members in the lobby. Cold Shadow realized that she had lost her opportunity and left the guild residence, while Phoenix Rain led Blackflame to the Guild Hall to continue their discussion.

Once they were in the hall, they proceeded to discuss the price of each Twelve Elemental Pillars Sets and settled for each set costing 5,000 Magic Crystals, 500 Gold, 500 Elemental Crystals, and 500 Magic Cores. Phoenix Rain purchased 30 sets and Blackflame confirmed that the remaining 20 sets would be given the next day. However, Phoenix Rain had second thoughts after considering the possible repercussions of Zero Wing revealed two additional Crimson Dragon Flying Ship and the Twelve Elemental Pillars. But Blackflame's confidence and reveal that he already had plans to sell the scrolls to other guilds helped to alleviate her fears and she proceeded to purchase 100 sets on behalf of the Dragon-Phoenix Pavilion.

As Phoenix Rain and Blackflame were completing their business discussion, Nine Dragons Emperor had gathered numerous guilds leaders of Dark Guilds and commanders of top adventurer teams from the Black Dragon Empire in the Heavenly Dragon Pavilion's guild residence in Black Dragon City to form an alliance to attack Stone Forest City in Cold Spring Canyon and obtain Zero Wing's secrets.

The Disappearance of Three Pavilion's Master(Chapter 2663 to TBC)[]

When Stone Forest City was under attack from an alliance of various superpowers, Melancholic Smile had attempted to contact Phoenix Rain for her assistance with some of the problems Zero Wing had in the Black Dragon Empire. However, she was unable to contact her despite the various channels. It was as though she had disappeared from existence. In fact the members of the entire pavilion did not know the whereabouts of Phoenix Rain and her trusted subordinates. Even Ku Rong, Nine Dragons Emperor and several other upper echelon of the guild were simultaneously missing.

According to Azure Chamber of Commerce's investigations, Duan Hanshan had informed Shi Feng that the upper echelon had all disappeared after a secret meeting with Saint's Hand. He also mentioned that a group of mysterious people had even taken their gaming cabins and transported it to The Upper Zone.

Shi Feng was able to arrange a meeting with Phoenix Rain in the Moon Fire Bar located in the outskirts of Flame Dragon City after Zero Wing was qualified as the foregin aide of Frost Heaven for the reserve guild's competition held by the War God's Temple. During the meeting, Shi Feng felt that Phoenix Rain didn't seem to be a player and had wholly integrated her existence with the flowers and trees of God's Domain. When he attempted to observe her information, everything was labelled as 'Unknown' and prevented any further examination. Moreover, the feeling he felt from her was similiar to an in-game NPC.


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