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First mentioned in chapter 554, the Domain Realm is the highest known realm in the Realms of Refinement.

Above the Realms of Refinement would be the Domain. However, the monsters that had managed to achieve a Domain were as rare as a phoenix's feather.


Within a certain range, the wielder of the Domain could achieve absolute control. One could even count the number of raindrops that fell in their Domain. Only by training one’s five senses to their extreme limits could one reach such a realm of control. Domains were practically a myth. Normally, only the geniuses among geniuses had the possibility of grasping such a technique. One could say that Domains were the dreams that countless experts sought.

Known Users

Name / Game ID Chapter of first appearance
Martial Dragon xxx
Shi Feng xxx
Sirius xxx
Three Kills (Assumed) 2033
Blindman 2087
Mu Cheng 2086
The Four Demons (Assumed) xxx
South Time 2099
Yan Tianxing xxx
Fire Dance xxx
Ink Rain 2124
Zhang Baiya/Ghost Rain 2146
Halfstep Victor 2252
Windy Moon 2278
Lin Ya 2335
White Autumn 2336
Hermit 2359
Silk Moon 2354