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First mentioned in chapter 2445 when Shi Feng and his 10-man party had entered the Western Continent and came across two large groups of players contesting for a Demonic Silver mine.


The Divine Tribe is a super-first-rate Guild that operates on the Western Continent. They are close to becoming a Super Guild when they started in God's Domain, and after getting several capital injections from several major corporations, their strength is superior to some ordinary Super Guilds.



Name Class Realm Role
MacAffrey Tier 3 Domain Realm Vice Commander of Silver Lion Legion [3]
Fithalia Tier 3 Berserker /

Magic-eye Hunter

Commander of the Divine Hymn Legion [4]
Adolf Tier 3 Domain Realm Great Elder [5]
Crimson Witch Tier 3 Elementalist Domain Realm Member of Silver Lion Legion Legion [6]

Guild Cities, Towns, and Locations[]

Western Continent[]

War Weapons, Combination Spells, and other powers[]

Due to the prominence of Tier 3 experts, the guild has come up with various means to kill them. One such method is a Combination Spell cast by 30 Tier 2 players, which is capable of taking down a careless Tier 3 expert. They normally use a handful of Combination Spell to take down groups of Tier 3 experts. [9]


The guild has the ability to produce Special Enchanted Bloodlines which enhances a player's potential and physique, and gives them an easier time during their Tier 3 Promotion Quest. [10]



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