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First mentioned in chapter 2379 when the guild requested a meeting with Blackflame to discuss some business.


Demon Palace is a guild and superpower that originates from the Demonic Hell World, one of the largest Otherworlds connected to the Eastern Continent. They have established the guild in the Ten Saints Empire which is the nearest empire to the Demonic Hell World's Planar Passage.

The guild is supported by two international corporations and was able to establish themselves as the overlord in the Demonic Hell World. [1] Within God's Domain, they have a partnership with Starlink and the War Blood Adventurer Team.[1][2]

Competition among the guild's members is very intense. If an upper echelon falls behind the rest of the frontliners and main force, they are likely to lose their position. The only exception to this rule is Domain Realm experts due to the difficulty for people to breakthrough to that level. [2]


The superpower has at least three trump card legions. (Due to the appearance of two Vice Commanders from the third trump card legions during their first appearance).[1] The guild is mentioned to have a dozen Tier 3 experts. [3]


  • Third Trump Card Legion - led by Evil Qilin.
    • There are 50 players on their main force and 16 of them are Tier 3 players. The rest of the Tier 2 members were Level 102 and equipped with Level 100 Secret-Silver and pre-Level 100 Epic Equipment. All of them have the Demonic Hell World's special legacy and 34 of them are at least Refinement Realm experts and greater. [4]
Name Class Realm Role
Evil Qilin Demonic Fighter Domain Realm Guild Elder [5],

Commander of Third Trump Card Legion

Dark Scorpion Demonic Fighter Vice Commander of

Third Trump Card Legion [6]

Twilight Dawn Demonic Fighter Vice Commander of

Third Trump Card Legion [7]

Weeping Soul Shield Warrior Void Realm Veteran Peak Expert of

Third Trump Card Legion [6]

Seizing Soul Berserker Void Realm Veteran Peak Expert of

Third Trump Card Legion [6]

Wind Gull Assassin Void Realm Expert of Third Trump Card Legion [8]
White Rainbow Assassin Flowing Water Realm Expert of Third Trump Card Legion [8]


In Shi Feng's previous timeline, Demon Palace had been extremely famous for taking over the entire Demonic Hell World early on and becoming a new superpower when the Planar Passages opened to the main continents. After years of development, they were able to contend against the Five Great Super Guilds. [1] They had been one of the superpowers who had taken control of the dimensional passage in the Ten Saints Empire that led to the Western Continent.

Introduction (Chapter 2379)[]

When the superpower was first introduced, Evil Qilin and two vice commanders of their third trump card legions were sent to Zero Wing to negotiate a partnership with regards to the Zero Wing's Star-Moon Adventurer Alliance. They wanted 30% of the shares of the alliance a temporary Residence in Stone Forest City and 30% of the city's shares, in exchange for protecting the city and supplying rare materials and special legacies from the Demonic Hell World. However, Shi Feng rejected their offer.

Conflict against Zero Wing at Molten Canyon (Chapter 2413 to 2420)[]

After news that Zwei, Heaven's Blade Adventurer Team's commander had come into possession of main branches of the Tree Of Life, Demon Palace's third trump card legion's main force led by Evil Qilin made their appearance at the Molten Canyon. There were a total of 50 of them and 16 were Tier 3 experts.

In the end, the main force was called to retreat after suffering at the hands of Blackflame who had easily taken on their team with his superior levels and skills. They had lost more than half their Tier 3 experts and the rest of the team had been left in a miserable state. They were spotted leaving the tunnel by Yu Lou and two other superpower teams that had formed up with Yu Lou in order to enter the inner region. Evil Qilin lashed out at Yu Lou when his party ran into her and mentioned how he had underestimated the Heaven's Blade Adventurer Team. This led to a misunderstanding from the two other superpowers and rumors started to spread about Demon Palace's defeat and the Heaven's Blade's backer.


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