First mentioned in chapter 1785, when Mu Lingsha offered a plot of land to Shi Feng as compensation for offending the Starline Corporation.


Imperial Capital of the Dark Night Empire, it has a player population of over 10,000,000.[1]

Prominent Locations

Central District

  • Shi Feng received a plot of land in the district from Mu Lingsha.
  • Purple Night Plaza - There is a magic array that leads to the Sea of Trees.
  • Starlink's Guild Residence - A towering guild hall situated in the center of the district, occupying an area large enough to house a stadium. Base Price of the land was 50,000 Gold[2]
    • Five-story Restaurant - Starlink spent about 20,000 Gold on the restaurant
    • Training Rooms with Magic Array Enhancements - Increased Mana Densitry

Business District

Prominent NPCs

Prominent Guilds and Teams



Prominent Items and Products


List of References

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