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Team Information

First mentioned when Beast Emperor requested their assistance to take down Zero Wing's Silverwing Town.[1] Dark Hunters is an adventurer team that is famous in Dark Night Empire, and their ranks consist of only Dark Players.


They have over 300 members that are Mutant Players, granting them the ability to mutate into a bestial form with an enhanced capability for battle.[2]

Name Class Role
Black Shark Tier 2 Berserker Commander
Lonely Lamp Tier 2 Ranger Core Member, Party Leader
Sharp Blade Tier 2 Assassin Member
Lan Hua Tier 2 Elementalist Member
Dark Bear Tier 2 Berserker Member

Notable Achievements

  • Dispatching only a 20-man team, eight of them being Tier 2 players, they were able to take down the main force of the first-rate Guild, Tyrant Emperor, which consisted of 1,000 players. They were even able to take down the Guild Leader, a Tier 2 Assassin with many Lifesaving Skills and ranked 305th on the God's Domain Experts List
  • The successful assassination of Crimson Horn's Guild Leader, Crimson Ghost.


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