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First mentioned in chapter 1034, when a team of Crimson Emperor players appeared at White River City.


Crimson Emperor operates mostly in Dark Night Empire, and is a veteran super-first-rate Guilds. Due to conflicts between Crimson Emperor and Unyielding Soul, they had allowed Starline Corporation to emerge and benefit from their conflicts.[2]

Due to their conflict with Starlink, they have expanded their influence into other kingdoms, and have managed to obtain two NPC Auction Houses in the capital cities, allowing them to become an overlord in both kingdoms. [3]


Name/ Account


Class Role
Crimson Gate Upper Echelon [4]
Illusory Words Cleric Second Vice Guild Leader [5]
Dawnmaster Tier 2 Elementalist Expert Member, Top Ten Elementalist
Cuttlefish Guardian Knight Team Leader
Poisoned Wine Elementalist Team Member

Guild Towns and Cities[]

NPC Auction Houses[]

During the first Auction Arena Competition, Crimson Emperor was able to control two NPC Auction Houses in the capital cities of two kingdoms. [6]


Crimson Emperor was mentioned briefly in chapter 1152 when it was revealed that they had loaned their treasured staff, Magician's Scepter to Miracle Guild for their Dark Arena match against the Asura Battle Team.


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