First mentioned in chapter 1666, when Shi Feng obtained a Hero's Chapter from slaying the Frostflame Two-headed Earth Dragon in the Primordial Divine Ruins. In God's Domain, Craig is regarded as one of the 32 strongest Heroes players could summon using Hero's Chapter. Shi Feng summoned him in chapter 1729, making him the Magistrate of Silverwing Town.


[Craig Midlands] (Hero, Great Lord, Wizard Saint)

  • Level 66
  • HP 36,000,000/36,000,000
  • Summoned via Hero's Chapter, he is ranked 17th out of the 32 Pillars. Has a growth potential of 96.
  • Known Facts: Master of the six major elements. Able to create a Element Doppelganger for each element mastered, with each Doppelganger possessing 80% of his Craig's Attributes.
  • Requires an initial payment of 3,000 Magic Crystals, and a 1,500 Magic Crystals daily upkeep.
  • Has 2 abilities, [Hero's Glory] and [Magic Strengthening]
    • [Hero's Glory] - facilitates the recruitment of powerful NPC soldiers for the town Craig Midlands resides in.
    • [Magic Strengthening] - Temporary strengthens the weapons and equipment used by the NPC Guards in the town.
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