First mentioned in chapter 706. Also known as a Disaster Treasure chest, which was a name that was coined by players during Shi Feng's previous life.


A wooden treasure chest that emits a purple glow.

[Completely Random Treasure Chest]

  • May contain a reward or a punishment. Disappears after five uses.


Nine out of ten times, opening the Completely Random Treasure Chest resulted in a punishment. Moreover, the punishments were relatively severe. The punishments ranged from losing one or more Levels to losing some Attributes permanently. Some punishments even prevented players from gaining any EXP or reduced their Attack Power for many days. Hence, it gained the name Disaster Treasure Chest.

There were players who had actually gained an Epic item from the Random Treasure Chest, while some had obtained a complete Dark-Gold Set Equipment. Others had been rewarded a top-tier Mount. To put it simply, the rewards the Treasure Chest provided were extremely tempting.

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