First mentioned in chapter 257, when Shi Feng dueling with Zhang Luowei in the Jin Hai Fellowship Party.


Combat Techniques are techniques that can be incorporated during combat in God's Domain, allowing a player to exhibit higher combat power. Based on the information known so far, Combat Techniques can be categorized into the following ranks: Basic, Intermediate, Advanced, Bronze, and Silver. This can be further broken down based on the strength of each combat technique. For example:

The strength of a combat technique is determined by the number of pages it possesses. For an example of an Advanced Combat Technique, an ordinary would consist of six to eight pages, a first-rate would possess nine to twelve pages and a top-tier would possess thirteen pages and more.

Acquiring Combat Techniques

Combat Techniques can be found in ancient ruins, from killing Field Bosses or purchasing them from special maps and NPCs. For example, on the West Continent, many of the Advanced Combat Techniques originate from the Primordial Divine Ruin.

Types of Combat Techniques

Combat Techniques fall into various categories, each rater than the last: Offensive, Defensive, Footwork, Physical Techniques, and Legacy Combat Techniques. [1]

For example, a Footwork-type combat technique would be capable of improving a player's combat power significantly, allowing them to take the initiative in battle and take advantage of openings. A Basic Footwork combat technique would be comparable to an Advanced Offensive or Defensive combat technique.

Legacy Combat Techniques are the rarest and most unique of all combat techniques. Each of them is limited to specific classes and players without the appropriate class cannot learn it. Legacy Combat Techniques do not have fixed ranks and instead the standard is based on the user's mastery of them. The basic power of the technique is equal to a Bronze rank Combat Technique. A player who has fully mastered a legacy combat technique will possess the ability to transcend tiers even without relying on special tools of Fragmented Legendary items. [2]

Learning Combat Techniques

In order to learn combat techniques, it requires one to comprehend the truth of the technique as well as heavy practice. Most experts would be capable of learning Basic and Intermediate techniques, which would be considered their trump cards. For peak experts, they would be capable of using Advanced and even Bronze techniques.

However, in order to use a Silver Combat Technique, it would require one to have a physique at the Tier 3 standard and sufficient brain capacity to process the complex actions. [3]

Secret Techniques

Moreover, a complete Advanced Combat Technique was different from a Secret Technique Tablet. Although the combat techniques one could learn from a Secret Technique were more powerful than Advanced Combat Techniques, very few players could learn them. It was impossible to share those techniques with a significant number of players. However, a complete Advanced Combat Technique took the form of a book. He could store the book in the Guild Warehouse, and Guild members could read it as they wished.[4]

Known Combat Techniques

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