In God's Domain, there are twelve main classes available for selection when creating a character. Each of these classes also belongs to a certain category describing their role. While playing God's Domain, players may come across an opportunity to pursue a legacy/hidden class. Each hidden class has its own benefits and consequences.

When players start the game, prior to their Tier 1 exam they are not truly considered as a member of their class. Instead, they are considered Tier 0 Class Apprentices. At Level 20, players are able to apply for a class examination at the Class Association, once they pass this test, they are officially considered a Tier 1 class.

Basic Classes

Category Description Classes
Warrior Focus on Defence
Weapons Specialist Focus on Physical Damage Output
Healers Focus on Healing and Support
Mages Focus on Magical Damage Output

Official Class Requirements and Known Facts

Class/Tier 0 Tier 1 Tier 2 Tier 3 Tier 4 Tier 5 Tier 6

Level 20

Level 50

Level 100


Level150 Level200


Swordsman Sword Master Sword King (剑王) Sword Emperor


Sword Saint


Sword God




Assassin Shadower? [1] Nightwalker [2] Shadow Saint[3] Death God




Berserker Berserker Master Berserker King Berserker God[4]
Shield Warrior


Shield Warrior
Guardian Knight


Guardian Knight Sky Knight Sacred Magic Knight


Oracle Priest [5] Divine Official Great Divine Official Red Priest[6]/ High Priest[7]


Cleric Great Cleric Brilliant Cleric Saint Cleric God


Druid Great Druid


Elementalist Professional Mage[8] Great Mage[9] Archmage
Great Wizard [10]
Grand Wizard[11] / Divine Mage[12] Mage God


Cursemancer Dark Cursemancer Black Wizard? [13] Dark Magus? [14] Curse God


Summoner Illusionist[15] Spirit Emperor Spirit Saint Spirit God

Hidden Classes, Special Classes, and Legacies

Legacy Rank Class Chapter
Unknown Level Legacies Sky Knight 510
Spell Breaker 1502
Bloodrage Warrior 2088
Special Classes Demonblade Knight - An offensive class that possesses the melee capabilities of a Berserker, while possessing ranged attack capabilities. 857
Traveling Bard - A Semi-support Class, that is a combination of the Berserker, Elementalist, Cleric and Oracle classes. 1882
Basic Legacies -
Intermediate Legacies (Common Hidden Class) Covert Killer 1996
Advanced Legacies Astromancer 333
Magic Knight (Offensive) 387
Magic Knight (Defensive) 1170
Flame Shaman 655
Shadow Dancer (unsure, it may be Peak) 1077
Magic Swordsman 1161
Magic Warrior 2075
Barbarian 1329
Savage Warrior 1722
Peak Legacies Divine Warrior (One of the Sixteen Great Peak Legacies) 1326
Necromancer 1151
Holy Warrior 974
Witch (Thoughtful Rain's Legacy Quest) 846
Lightning Saint


Forest Saint 2135
Yin Yang Saint 1676
Magic-eye Hunter 2469
Unique Dragon Slayer - (Depends on the bloodline density of Dragon Origin Crystal, [Intermediate, Advanced, Peak]) - Can be upgraded if one consumes more dragon origin crystals. 1144
Sea God's Legacy 1239obtained


Saint Legacy (Unique) Blade Saint - (requires 2 times more EXP than ordinary classes) 393


In God's Domain, Class Legacies held much greater importance to NPCs than to players. In a situation where both sides were of the same level and tier, an NPC with a basic class had almost no chance of defeating an NPC with an advanced class, and likewise an NPC with an advanced class had no chance of defeating an NPC with a peak class.[16]


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