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Initially conceptualized as a Lifestyle Player Guild, Horizon Alliance, Shi Feng would end up creating the Candlelight Trading Firm. The main focus of the firm is to groom all kinds of Lifestyle Players and produce items that can be sold at the various stores in the various empires and kingdoms.

"A small spark may kindle a raging fire. Let’s call it the Candlelight Trading Firm" - Shi Feng

The first store was bought in chapter 490 when Shi Feng bought 2 plots of lands in White River City. The firm was originally managed by Melancholic Smile, before Youlan joined further in the story, and started to assist her.

Store Locations[]

By chapter 913, the trading firm would have established 25 Shops, with White River City being the main branch, and the rest being branch shops established in 22 other cities By chapter 986, with Gentle Snow joining Zero Wing, the firm added 16 more plots of lands, 3 of which were in Black Dragon Empire.

  • White River City (Main Branch) - 4 Star Shop. [1]
    • Promoted to a 3-star Shop. [2] It has two basements, with the lowest one being the firm's underground warehouse. It is guarded by a Level 100, Tier 3 Fine-Gold Personal Guard. [3]
    • Promoted to a 4-star Shop. [4] The building was renovated to a 21-story building which was 100 meters tall and occupied 40% more land. There were 50 Special Workshops, 12 Basic Mediation Room, and 1 Research Workshop. The total renovation cost 155,000 Gold. [5] The Mana density in the shop is twice as dense as it was previously, which allows players to maintain calm and clear-headed. [6]
      • The Research Workshop is constructed with Magic Crystals and Mana Stones which causes the Mana Density to be immensely high.
      • It has the Shared Warehouse function which allows one 4-star Shop and five other 3-star Shops to be connected. It allows for the transport of items and even up to 200 non-bag space items.
      • One of the reception room on the top floor has been modified with 379 pieces of Primal Void Stones and a Mana Gathering Magic Array. The Mana Density in the room is immensely dense and is able to improve a player's mental strength by 20%. [7]
    • There have 2,000 lifestyle players working in this branch.[8]
  • Star-Moon City
  • Maple City
  • Stone Forest Town
  • Silverwing Town
  • Black Dragon Empire


The players in the trading firm consist of a mix of both contract members and official members. All players are required to sign contracts, that include a clause that in order to leave the firm, they would be required to pay compensation fees for the designs they had learned.

There are a total of 20,000 Lifestyle Players working for the trading firm. Over 4,000 members had officially signed a contract to become internal members. [13] For internal members who have achieved an Advanced rank in their chosen profession, they will be promoted to official members in the firm. In order to be promoted to a core member, players would have to achieve a 30% success rate in the production of Advanced Lifestyle Designs.

As of chapter 1967, there were five additional Master Lifestyle players (2 Master Alchemist, 2 Master Forgers, and 1 Master Engineer), their names are not revealed.

Members Benefits[]

Due to increased competition among Guilds for Advanced and Master rank Lifestyle players, the Candlelight Trading Firm started to offer wages to their players. Advanced Lifestyle players were entitled to 20,000 Credits per month and Master Lifestyle players were entitled to 100,000 Credits per month.[14]

After the shop was promoted to 4-star rank and gained the new function, Research Workshop, it became the newest benefit to Master Lifestyle players in the firm. [15] After the emergence of several major powers and adventurer alliances from the Otherworlds, Shi Feng got Melancholic Smile to readjust the firm's development. [16]

  • All members would have access to the Mediation Rooms for 10,000 GCPs per hour. [16]
  • All internal members would have access to the Research Workshop for 50,000 GCPs per half an hour. Core members would receive a 20% discount on the price. [16]
  • All members are allowed to purchase a private house in Stone Forest City located in the Cold Spring Canyon with their contribution points. [17]
Name Lifestyle Profession Lifestyle Rank Role Chapter
Shi Feng Forger Intermediate Master Business Owner & Chief Forger
Melancholic Smile Forger Advance Master White River City Firm Management
Youlan Merchant 3-Star Zero Wing City & Stone Forest Town Firm Management
Cream Cocoa Forger Advance Master Core Member
Burning Abyss Engineer Basic Master Core Member & Chief Engineer
Silent Wonder Alchemist Grand Master Core Member & Chief Alchemist
Roasted Ironheart Forger Advanced Core Member
Nine Coasts Alchemist Intermediate Internal Member
Ocean Smile Engineer Intermediate Internal Member
Happy Mo Architect Advanced Internal Member
Wind Chimes Architect Advanced Internal Member
Boiled Fish Architect Advanced Internal Member
Silent Aspiration Alchemist Basic Master Internal Member
Floating Cloud Alchemist Intermediate Master Official Member 1554
Smiling Heaven Alchemist Advanced Official Member
Tainted Maple Alchemist Intermediate Official Member
Rain Walker Alchemist Advanced Internal Member
Gentle Stab Alchemist Advanced Internal Member
Dormant Twilight Alchemist Advanced Internal Member


First Candlelight's Auction(ch1268)[]

  • Items sold: Magic Whale Skin, 5xThunder Pass,50x personal houses, 10x slots to enter the Holy City of Titan

First Auction for Stone Forest City's Private Housing [18][]

  • A total of 2,000 units were put up for a month lease with the starting bid was 30,000 Credits. At the end of the auction, the lowest closing bid was 600,000 Credits, while the highest was 1,740,000 Credits.

Second Auction for Stone Forest City's Private Housing [19][]

  • Due to the increased number of participants, players had to hold more than 500,000 Credits in order to participate in the auction.
  • A total of 1,000 units were put up and each bid opened at 2,000,000 Credits, with the highest bid being 2,360,000 Credits

Third Auction for Stone Forest City's Private Housing [19][]

  • A total of 1,000 units were put up with the highest bid being 2,570,000 Credits

Fourth Auction for Stone Forest City's Private Housing [19][]

  • A total of 1,000 units were put up with the highest bid being 2,710,000 Credits

Fifth Auction for Stone Forest City's Private Housing [19][]

  • A total of 1,000 units were put up with the highest bid being 2,820,000 Credits

Sixth Auction for Stone Forest City's Private Housing [19][]

  • Another total of 1,000 units was put up.

Prominent Products[]

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