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First mentioned in Chapter 384 when Shi Feng killed a Blade Demon in the Origin Sword Domain and noticed a piece of paper falling beside the monster’s body. [1]


Broken Steel Forging Design is a six-piece Epic Rank Unique Set Equipment and is created from 18 Broken Steel Forging Design Fragments.

[Broken Steel Forging Design Fragment] (Lifestyle Design, Epic Rank)

Set consists of a total of six pieces.

Current fragment count (X/18)

The final piece was dropped along 3 other items from the NPC Doren.

[Broken Steel Steel Set Equipment] (Unique Set Equipment, Epic Rank)

Equipment Requirement:

  • Strength 1,000,
  • Agility 1,200,
  • Swordrelated Mastery 350

Class Restriction: Blade Saint

Forging materials:

  • 12 pieces of Eternium,
  • 300 Mana Stones
  • 1,000 pieces of Titan Ore
  • 12 Fire Source Crystals
  • 12 Water Source Crystals
  • 12 Wind Source Crystals
  • 12 Earth Source Crystals
  • Nucleus of Life

Shi Feng was unable to forge the Set Equipment due to not being a Grand Master Forger and therefore asked Seliora to forge it. Seliora indicates that she thinks to have a 30% success rate.

Nucleus of Life is obtainable from the the Final Boss in the Dragon's Graveyard, a forbidden land in the Black Dragon Empire.

Flame Source Crystals obtainable from the the Source Fire Vein.


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