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First mentioned in chapter 2347 when Shi Feng appraised loot from the Mutant Sunset King.


Brilliant Silver is a Fragmented Legendary Two-handed Staff that is suitable for any magical class expert and would qualitatively transform a player's combat power.

It was loaned to Silent Wonder.


[Brilliant Silver] (Fragmented Legendary Rank, Two-handed Staff)[]

  • Equipment Requirements: Strength 800, Agility 800, Intelligence 2,400 Attack Power (210% of Main Attribute)
  • All Attributes (Increases according to user's level)

When equipped:

  • Strength increased by 40%, Agility increased by 40%, Intelligence increased by 70%, Endurance increased by 30%, Vitality increased by 50%;
  • Casting speed increased by 35%;
  • Spell Completion Rate increased by 4%;
  • Spell critical rate increased by 35%;
  • Stamina and Concentration consumption decreased by 20%;
  • Ignore Levels +20

Additional Passive Skill 1 - Soul Transition[]

  • Increases the user's soul by one Tier. (Can be increased up to Tier 5)

Additional Passive Skill 2 - Mana Blessing[]

  • User's Spells have a certain chance to be upgraded by one Tier. (Can be increased up to Tier 5)

Additional Passive Skill 3 - Mana Body[]

Additional Active Skill 1 - Void Field[]

  • When activated, all magic damage received decreased by 80%, all Spells' effects increased by 100%, and Physique increased by 60% for 1 minute.
  • Cooldown: 2 hours.

Additional Active Skill 2 - Void Blade[]

  • Summons 18 blades using the power of void; each blade possesses Strength equal to 120% of the user's Main Attribute and deals divine damage.
  • Duration: 30 seconds.
  • Cooldown: 5 minutes.

Brilliant Silver had once belonged to the Void Creator. However, its core had been severely damaged when the staff had been used to repair the world's heart. In addition, to gain full control of the staff, one must be acknowledged by the Void Creator. Repairing it requires 10 God Crystals. God Crystals required to repair Brilliant Silver (0/10).