Owned by Countess Katie Green (as of Chapter 1441), the Bracelet of Time is considered as one of the Seven Treasures that Shi Feng was tasked by the War God Temple to locate and collect. Countess Katie Green offered the bracelet as a quest reward to Shi Feng, in exchange for ten Eternal Ice Crystals which can only be obtained in the Ice Crystal Otherworld.

In chapter 1758, Shi Feng would receive the bracelet when he completed the request.


[Bracelet of Time] (Epic Rank Item)

This bracelet had once possessed the frightening power of time. Unfortunately, it has sustained heavy damage.

Additional Active Skill -Temporal Sand

  • Can produce Temporal Sand by absorbing Mana Stones. No Cooldown. (Each Mana Stone produces two grains of Temporal Sand.)

After sustaining damage and being tainted by Evil Energy, the Evil Energy within will taint the item's wearer as well.

Drops on death.

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