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First mentioned in chapter 1786, when it was revealed during the Secret Pavilion Auction. The starting bid was 1,000 Gold and Shi Feng won it for 24,000 Gold.


The Book of Undying was penned by Danasius, who was known for his ability to be undying. Tier 6 Gods were unable to kill him. Eventually an Ancient God sealed him away. Meanwhile, the 13 Books of Undying contained all of Dansius's power and there are rumors that it contains a record of self-resurrection.

[Book of Undying] (Item, Dark-Gold Rank)[]

  • Allows the player to resurrect both dead players and NPCs, up to Tier 2. Players will receive half the death penalty. Can be used indefinitely.

It is mentioned by Shi Feng that there are 13 copies of the book in God's Domain, and there can be merged. With each merger, the power of the books gets stronger. Even 3 books are merged, the book reachs Epic Rank and is able to resurrect Tier 3 NPCs. It is speculated that merging all 13 books, would allow it to reach Legendary Rank.