First mentioned in chapter 627 when Shi Feng appraised the loot from the Final Boss of the Level 25 Hell Mode 50-man Team Dungeon, Ruins of the Crow God.


The Bluefire Double-edged Sword is a deep-red two-handed sword that emits pale blue flames. It was put up for auction within the Zero Wing's main force for a starting bid of 20,000 GCP and was won by Rampant Blade for 40,000 GCP, equal to 120 gold. [1]

[Bluefire Double-edged Sword] (Two-handed Sword, Dark-Gold Rank)

  • Equipment Level: Level 30 - Level 35
  • Attack Power +702 (Currently Level 30)
  • Strength +54, Agility +41, Endurance +44
  • Attack Speed +2
  • Ignore Levels +10

Attacks have:

  • 30% chance to trigger Bluefire Attack, causing an additional 120% flame damage to the target and reducing the target's Defense by 30% for 7 seconds.
  • 20% chance to cause 200% damage.
  • 10% chance to trigger Bluefire Dance, causing 300% flame damage in a cone.

List of References

  1. Chapter 628
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