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First mentioned in chapter 700 as the Blood Refining Stone dropped from the guardian of the door that leads into the Blood Refining Passage. The Blood Refining Stone evolves into the Blood Refining Crystal after collect 1000 points of Blood Energy which is gained from slaying the monsters in the Blood Refining Passage.[1][2]


[Blood Refining Crystal] (Dark Gold Rank)[]

When killing formidable monsters will absorb their vitality. Every 100 charges of absorbed vigor, will create a drop of Life Essence, can only save a maximum of 1,000 drops. Each drop of Life Essence can be used to recover Physical and Mental strength faster for 2 hours.

Life Essences is able to hasten one’s recovery from a Weakened state.

The Blood Refining Stone was something he obtained from the Blood Refining Passage. It could absorb the Life Force of powerful monsters and turn this into Blood Energy. He could use every 100 points of Blood Energy he accumulated to produce a drop of Life Essence. When consumed, the Life Essence could increase a player’s Stamina and Concentration recovery speed rapidly for two hours. Moreover, the effects were stackable up to three times.

Life Essence has the Hidden Effect of reducing the recovery time from a Weakened State.[3]


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