First mentioned in chapter 2200, when Samsara's Thunder Temple Expedition Team escaped from the hands of the senior cadre members of Flower of Seven Sins.


The Blood Guards are a specialised unit in the Flower of Seven Sins, who have mastered the Blood Magic Seal.

The Blood Guards also possess a transformation ability. When activated, a flash of madness appears in their eyes as a dark fog expands out from them. Their bodies will grow slightly with pitch-black scales and spikes bursting through their skin. A crimson gem would manifest in the center of their foreheads. Their aura would be simialrly to those of Demonic Creatures. This would increase their Basic Attributes. [1]


The fame of the Blood Guards came during the conflict between Rashomon and a newly-promoted superpower. Knowing that the odds of beating Rashomon was low, the superpower paid a high price to hire the Flower of Seven Sins. The moment the Blood Guards appeared on the battelefield, Rashomon lost their commanding Vice Guild Leader and peak experts. Despite being protected by 5,000 experts including four Domain Realm experts and over a dozen peak experts, the Vice Guild Leader was killed by a 100-man team of Blood Guards. [2]

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