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First mentioned in chapter 393, the Blade Saint is one of the Ten Great Saint Legacy and Shi Feng is the player who gained the legacy.

Destroyer of Immortality

The Legacy item to initiate the Blade Saint Legacy Quest was a sword fully encased in a crystal, called Destroyer of Immortality, and was dropped by the Mutant Mechanical Slayer. However, due to the fact that the item was not unsealed it was initially called Sword in the Stone.[1]

[Sword in the Stone][2]

  • The sword inside the crystal faintly emits a power from the ancient era. It occurs naturally with no signs of being crafted. However, a frightening power had damaged this ancient sword severely in the past. If one wishes to awaken the power contained within and gain a better understanding of this sword, they need to gather the power of three Tier 4 classes and expend 21 Mana Stones.
  • Class restriction: Berserker and Swordsman

After Sharlyn awakened the Sword in Stone its true identity was revealed as Destroyer of Immortality.

[Destroyer of Immortality][3]

  • A creation born of nature, containing unrivaled power. Although it was greatly damaged during the war between the Ancient Gods, it had absorbed some of their powers. If one can master this blade, they will obtain a trace of the Ancient Gods’ powers.
  • Class restriction: Berserker and Swordsman

"The Destroyer of Immortality is one of the Ten Great Saint Legacy Items in ancient records. Moreover, the Legacy is unique; not even the Peak Legacy of the Stargazing Tower can compete with it.”

- Sharlyn

Tier Promotion Benefits

Tier 1

When Shi Feng successfully completed his Tier 1 Promotion Quest in Chapter 393, he gained the following benefits:

  • All Attributes + 20
  • All Resistances + 15
  • Attack Power increased by 15%
  • Attack Speed increased by 20%
  • All Attributes increased by 30%

Tier 2

When Shi Feng successfully completed the Asura Challenge of his Tier 2 Promotion Quest in Chapter 1316, he gained the following benefits:

  • All Attributes +150
  • All Attributes increased by 50%
  • All Resistances +30
  • Attack Power and Attack Speed increased by 20%
  • Physique improved by 50%

Tier 3

Shi Feng was able to complete his Tier 3 Promotion Quest with a 85% Legacy Completion Rate. [4] When he was creating his Mana Body, he was able to achieve a 91% Completion Rate when constructing his Advanced Epic Mana Body.[5] He received the following benefits for successfully promoting to a Tier 3 Blade Saint: [6]

  • All Attributes +400
  • All Resistances +80
  • Attack Power and Attack Speed increased by 30%
  • All Attributes increased by 60%
  • Physique increased by 70%
  • 80 Legacy Skill Points

Tier 4

Shi Feng complete his Tier 4 Promotion Quest with a Evaluation/Completion Rate - 102% in Chapter 2705. And learn Domain Blade he gained the following benefits:

  • All Attributes +2000
  • All Resistances +150
  • magic recovery speed increases 100%
  • all physical attack magic under Tier 4 is weakened 30%
  • All Attributes increased by 100%
  • Physique increased by 150%
  • 100 Legacy Skill Points

Tier 5

Shi Feng complete his Tier 5 Advancement with His New Epic Mana Body that reached Tier 5 standard with 336% Completion Rate in 2868

  • All Attributes +5000
  • All Resistances +500
  • magic recovery speed increases 300%
  • all physical attack magic under Tier 5 is weakened 40%
  • All Attributes increased by 150%
  • Physique increased by 200%
  • Reaction Speed increased by 100%
  • 200 Legacy Skill Points

Tier Promotion Quests

Tier 1 Promotion Quest (Chapter 381 to 393)

  • Location - Origin Sword Domain/ Sword Peak Mountain
  • Quest content: Gather all 50 pages of the Legacy Book and defeat Magic Knight Doren Paley
  • Dropped items from monsters - Broken Steel Forging Design Fragment, Legacy Chapter
  • Time Limit: Unknown (Probably none)
  • Evaluation/Completion Rate - SS/92%
  • Rewards - 20 Free Mastery Points, 31 Legacy Skill Points

Tier 2 Promotion Quest (Chapter 1278 to 1316)

  • 3 Difficulties: Hell, Asura, and God
  • Location - Dark Canyon/ Moonlight Courtyard/ Demon Sealing Tower
  • Quest content: Collect Seven Luminaries Source Stones and seal Demon King Storas.
  • Dropped items from monsters - Seven Luminaries Shards, Growth-type Set Equipment for Level 50 to Level 60 (Magic Moon Set Equipment, meant for magical classes, while the other was the Shadowmoon Set Equipment for physical classes)
  • Time Limit: Unknown. Time in the Quest Area is ten times longer than one hour in the real world
  • Rewards - 60 Legacy Skill Points

Tier 3 Promotion Quest (Chapter 2305 to 2313)

"Quest content: Locate the Blade Saint Legacy sealed in this Void Land and remove the seal to obtain the Legacy."

In order for Shi Feng to start his Tier 3 Promotion Quest, he had to pay Sharlyn 300 Mana Stones and 20 units of Seven Luminaries Crystals. He was teleported to a Void Land and had to search for the legacy within the map. [7] He summoned forth Anna, Kite and the Thunder Eagle to assist him as he ventured deeper into the Void Land. When he entered the inner region, he found a lush forest that was enveloped by a barrier. They were numerous graves of varying size within the forest and they were countless Forgotten Spirits roaming around the forest. Each of the graves was guarded by Heroic Spirits, remnants of departed NPC Heroes, and their power seemed to increase with the larger the grave. When Shi Feng took a step in the barrier, his personal guards and summons were sent away. His original plan was no longer applicable, so instead he chose to evolve the Abyssal Blade to Tier 3 before attempting his new plan.

As he entered the forest again, he picked the nearest grave in order to check whether the Legacy was within it. As he got closer to the grave he was attacked by all the nearby Forgotten Spirits, and fending them off he made it to the grave. However, a Tier 3 Herpoc Spirit guarding the grave attacked Shi Feng while using an advanced combat technique. Shi Feng was caught off-guard but managed to retaliate while sending his doppelganger to handle the spirit. Once he touched the grave, it prompted him on whether he wanted to absorb a portion of the grave owner's legacy. Ecstatic that he had found the legacy on the first try, a loading bar appeared before him and required 8 seconds. The Heroic Spirit had sensed the grave's activation and entered an enraged state and tried to prevent Shi Feng from completing the loading but was blocked yet again by the doppelganger. When the loading was completed, he discovered that the grave only contained 15% Legacy Completion Rate. Shi Feng immediately understood how to complete his promotion quest. He immediately left the grave and escaped from the barrier in order to reconsider his plan.

After waiting for the cooldown of his skill, Shi Feng immediately located one of the graves near the center of the forest which was guarded by a Tier 3 Berserker King with the title of Flame Knight. However Urdia the spirit released a domain that reduced Shi Feng's Basic Attributes and Physique by 20%. He was forced to activate both abilities of the Ring of Gospel, [Blade Liberation], and both abilities of the Twilight Blade. Although Shi Feng's clones were able to surround Urdia, all of them were repelled when it used a Bronze Combat Technique against them. it immediately used [Flame Charge] to close the gap with Shi Feng but was blocked by his doppelganger. But Urdia was able to easily deal with the doppelganger using the Tier 3 Skill, Storm Garrote. Shi Feng immediately transformed his doppelganger into a Black Dragon and it was able to knock back Urdia by using it's Dragon Breathe. Shi Feng took the opportunity to activate the grave and had to wait for 12 seconds. This resulted in Urdia going berserk and focuses entirely on Shi Feng, ignoring the Black Dragon. Shi Feng controlled the Black Dragon to use Lightning Flash with it's claws and it succeeded in halting Urdia's charge. Shi Feng continued to use Lightning Flash but it placed a massive toll on his mental state, resulting in mental fatigue. After using it for the ninth time, he was no longer able to concentrate and allowed Urdia and the other Forgotten Spirits to quickly approach him. He managed to activate [Absolute Domain] in time to block all their attacks and finished activating the grave. After seeing the result, he immediately accepted and was given a purple-gold sword mark on the back of his hand. He immediately followed up by using the [Gale Domain] to escape the inner area. However, before he could escape, Urdia had crashed into him and continued to brandish his flaming greatsword which caused the [Absolute Domain] to tremble under the pressure. The barrier was just 1,500 yards away but Shi Feng was constantly being hacked by Urdia, losing the protection of [Absolute Domain], [Defensive Blade] as well as [Void Shield] in quick succession. Shi Feng was able to get through the magic barrier before Urdia's final attack would hit him, and he immediately summoned Anna who cast a spell that blocked the attack. Shi Feng urgently activated a Tier 2 Group Instantaneous Teleportation Scroll wand was teleported off the island.

When he returned to Sharlyn to initiate the second part of the quest of forming his Mana Body, Shi Feng was surprised to be surrounded by a four-layer magic array and by a system prompt that he had obtained an Advanced Epic Legacy and awarded with four hours to construct his Mana Body. He was also the first player to complete his Tier 3 Promotion Quest, hence he was given an additional hour to construct his Mana Body. After reviewing the samples, he decides to create an Advanced Epic Mana Body. After his fourth attempt, he was able to construct a Mana Body with a 91% completion rate. He immediately accepted his result as he was short on time and wasn't confident that he would be able to produce a better result. A torrent of Mana filled his body and his body was transformed, with magic circuits appearing across his body for a few seconds before fading away. He received a prompt that he had successfully promoted to a Tier 3 Blade Saint and was amazed at his body's improvement. He had gained a prototype domain, an ability of an Advanced Epic Mana Body, and was able to influence the Mana in a 50-yard radius around him. He would be able to manipulate the ambient Mana and reduce the Mana density of a location which could affect the concentration of players in that location. His body had been massively improved and he felt that full-powered attacks from a Secret-Silver weapon would no longer easily injure him.

Tier 4 Promotion Quest (Chapter 2686 to 2705)

Evaluation/Completion Rate - 102%

Tier 5 Promotion Quest

Players just had to raise their Concentration to the Tier 5 standard, then reconstruct their own Mana Bodies, which would allow their essence to achieve a qualitative improvement. This was how one became a Saint!

Upon reaching Tier 5, players would no longer be an ordinary human. Their Life Rating would reach an extraordinary level. This was why very few players and NPCs would ever manage to reach Tier 5 in God’s Domain. Those who did would be dragons and phoenixes among men.

The first step to reaching Tier 5 was breaking through the limits of one’s Mana Body at Tier 3. While this might seem like an insignificant step, it would provide players with great help when they tried to reconstruct their Mana Bodies at Tier 4. If players wished to get promoted to Tier 5, they would need to construct a Mana Body that was at least ten times stronger. The difficulty of this feat was simply unimaginable. Only by continuously learning about Mana and Mana Bodies could players construct a Mana Body rivaling Tier 5 existences.

Known Skills

Innate Legacy Skills

Sword Dominator (Passive Skill)

  • Can freely swap out sword-type weapons in both combat and non-combat states.

Blade Dance (Action-type)

  • Requires: Sword
  • Tier 1, Level 1 (Proficiency 0/30,000)
  • Allows simultaneous control of up to a maximum of five sword-type weapons for both attack and defense for 10 seconds. Each weapon has 80% user’s Strength and 50% user’s damage.
  • Range: 40 yards
  • Cooldown: 1 minute

Illusory Shadow (Action-type)

  • Requires: Sword
  • Tier 1, Level 1 (Proficiency 0/30,000)
  • Upon activation, player’s next six attacks cannot be blocked, and each attack will deal 40% attack damage.
  • Cooldown: 40 seconds

Skills from Legacy Skills Menu:

Skywheel Sword (Action-type)

  • Requires: Sword
  • Tier 1, Level 1
  • Proficiency 0/30,000
  • Inflicts 1,000 base damage plus 200% weapon damage to all enemies within a radius of 20 yards. Also seals all enemies within range, preventing them from leaving the area for 4 seconds.
  • Cooldown: 1 minute 20 seconds

Blade Liberation (Action-type)

  • Requires: Sword
  • Tier 2 (Proficiency needed to upgrade to Tier 3: 0/50,000)
  • Grants player unparalleled strength for 20 seconds. Effect obtained varies based on the weapon’s unlocked potential. After the duration, player is weakened. All Attributes decrease by 80% for three minutes. Strength increased by 100%, but his Agility had also increased by 150%.
  • Cooldown: 10 hours

Blade Awakening (Action-type)

  • Requires: Sword
  • Tier 2 (Proficiency needed to upgrade to Tier 3: 0/50,000)
  • Improves the player's Attributes and physique for 24 seconds. Effect varies based on the weapon's unlocked potential. Player is Weakened once the duration ends. All Attributes decrease by 70% for 2 minutes, 30 seconds.
  • Cooldown: 7 hours

Shadow Blade (Action-type)

  • Requires: Sword
  • Tier 2 (Proficiency needed to upgrade to Tier 3: 0/50,000)
  • Every attack can invoke shadows to attack the target. Every shadow possesses 120% of user's Strength and causes 100% darkness damage. Accumulate one shadow every three seconds. Can hold a maximum of nine shadows.
  • Cooldown: 3 seconds

Purgatory Pentaslash (Action-type)

  • Requires: Sword
  • Tier 2, Level 1 
  • Proficiency 0/30,000
  • Instantly execute five slashes, with each slash being stronger than the former. Each subsequent slash gains an additional 20% Strength and 10% Attack Speed.
  • Cooldown: 20 seconds

Void Slash (Action-type) [8]

  • Requires: Sword
  • Tier 3 (Proficiency needed to upgrade to Tier 4: 0/100,000)
  • Manipulate the power of the void to execute six slashes. Each slash carries 150% of user's Strength and causes 200% divine damage. The user may transfer to the location of any of the six slashes.
  • Cooldown: 8 seconds

[Formless Blade] (Action-type)

  • Requires: Sword
  • Peak Tier 4 Legacy Skill
  • When activated, attacks any target within a 300-yard radius 13 times. Every attack carries 180% Strength and causes 240% darkness damage.
  • Cooldown: 15 seconds
  • Learning condition: Achieve 75% Skill Completion Rate

[Magic Light Assault] (Action-type)

  • Requires: Sword
  • Peak Tier 4 Legacy Skill
  • When activated, user will transform into the image of a sword that attacks a target within a 500-yard radius. When transformed, Movement Speed is increased by 300%; Strength, by 100%; and Agility, by 100%.
  • Cooldown: 18 seconds
  • Learning condition: Achieve 78% Skill Completion Rate

[Blade Guard] (Action-type)

  • Requires: Sword
  • Apex Tier 4 Legacy Skill
  • Draw upon the power of a sword to create a formless wall that absorbs 100% physical damage from one attack.
  • Duration: 3 seconds
  • Cooldown: 21 seconds
  • Learning condition: Achieve 80% Skill Completion Rate

[Blade Domain] (Domain-type)

  • Requires: Sword
  • Apex Tier 4 Legacy Skill
  • Inject one’s own Mana into a sword to create a Blade Domain that covers a 500-yard radius. While Blade Domain is active, user may control up to seven Magic Swords, each carrying 180% Strength and causing 300% divine damage.
  • Duration: 5 minutes
  • Cooldown: 1 hour
  • Learning condition: Achieve 85% Skill Completion Rate

[Returning Blade] (Berserk Skill) [9]

  • Tier 5 Legacy Skill

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