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First mentioned in chapter 960, when Bloodfang mentioned that the Blackwater Corporation was joining God's Domain and focusing in Star-Moon Kingdom.

Corporation Information[]

Blackwater Corporation is an international corporation that deals with fighting competitions. They have dojos all over the world and one of the main host for the World Fighting Competition.[1]

The Blackwater Corporation has also annexed Underworld.[2]

Guild Information[]

When the Blackwater Corporation joined God's Domain, they annexed Ouroboros (less Gentle Snow, who had left with her subordinates), four second-rate Guilds and over a dozen third-rate Guilds. There were able to take control of nearly 30 Cities in Star-Moon Kingdom in one night. Their aim was to use the Star-Moon Kingdom as a stepping stone before dominating the Black Dragon Empire.

Blackwater would form an alliance with Heaven's Burial, and together they declared an all out war against Zero Wing.


One of the trump card legions in Blackwater is their Heavenly Eagle Legion.

Name / Account Name Class Role
Abandoned Wave Assassin Guild Leader
Xuanwu Chisha Vice Guild Leader
Laughing Drunkard
Snow Scar Tier 2 Berserker Commander of the Heavenly Eagle Legion
Lethal Gale Berserker Expert Member
Stone (Character) Assassin Expert Member
Shattered Tooth Assassin Expert Member
Qin Muyun
Falling Fire Elementalist Vice Commander Of Third Main Force [3]
Singular Burial 
Jing Yang Elementalist Guild Elder

Guild's Cities and Towns[]

When Blackwater first established themselves, they were able to gain control of over 30 cities


First Contact[]

As Shi Feng was conducting his business in White River City's Bank he encountered a player selling many herbs and ores at low prices. Not willing to waste an opportunity he arranged to buy large amounts of many different items. Unbeknownst to him, however, those material were being sold by Gentle Snow as a way to recoup her guild's funds for a certain amount of time. Abandoned Wave learned of this, and not wanting to obtain the guild without any rare materials sent a few players to warn off the interested party, Shi Feng.[4]

When Lethal Gale had lost to Gentle Snow in the Divine Colosseum, he was ordered by Abandoned Wave to kill her. Lethal Gale's party of six (including Stone (Character) and Shattered Tooth, and 3 others) attacked her in White River City. Shi Feng who happened to be with her, protected her in her Weakened State.

As a result of the defeat, and loss of face, Abandoned Wave sent a subordinate to negotiate with Heavenly-Dragon Pavilion's pavilion master, Nine Dragons Emperor

Guardian Puppet Negoitation (Chapter 2054 to 2056)[]

Was mentioned again, when the Blackwater Corporation paid a visit to Zero Wing's new office (formerly Ouroboros's headquaters). Jing Yang had arrived, on behalf of Xuanwu Chisha, to negotiate the procurement of 10 Guardian Puppets. Blackwater was willing to pay an unmentioned amount of Credits, and provide 50 Bottles of S-rank Nutrient Fluid. In addition, he mentioned that Xuanwu Chisha was willing to help Zero Wing secured the manager role for White River City's Auction House, during the first Auction Arena.

However, Shi Feng (Ye Feng) rejected their offer, mentioning that their offer was too low. He counter proposed for 100 bottles of S-Rank Nutrient Fluid and 10 high-potential Shops in major NPC Cities, on top of the Credits. This proposal made Jing Yang furious, but he calmed himself before responding. However, since both parties were not able to make any compromise, the negotiation failed. After leaving, Jing Yang reported the situation to Xuanwu Chisha, his original agenda had been for business, but also to assess Zero Wing's qualification to be on of Blackwater's puppet. [5]


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