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First introduced in Chapter 1, when Blackie met Shi Feng in his dorms urging him to hurry for the registration for the Shadow Workshop.



Blackie is described to be a tanned, tall and slim youth.



Level Tier Chapter
Level 0 Tier 0 03
Level 1 Tier 0 13
Level 2 Tier 0 31
Level 3 Tier 0 36
Level 24 Tier 0 328
Level 27 Tier 1 430
Level Tier 2 1503
Level 95-96 Tier 2 2288
Level 100 Tier 2 2321
Level 100 Tier 3 2379
Level 104 Tier 3 2392
Level 105 Tier 3 2393


Deemed to have good skills in virtual reality by Shi Feng.. Blackie showed great talent in administration, as compared to his lack of talent for gaming.

Class: Cursemancer

  • Promoted to Tier 1 prior to chapter 416
  • Obtained Tier 2 in chapter 1503

Realms of Refinement:

  • Half-step Refinement Realm [2]


  • Rapid Cast - Allows the player to skip the chants of spells that are below 1.5 seconds, requiring only action to cast it.
  • Tier 0 Spell, Dark Arrow [3]
    • He has reached Level 4 with the spell [4]
  • Evil Whip - Uses 5 thorns to bind a target in a fixed area. As long as the target exits the area and breaks the thorns, every thorn will cause a base damage of 20 points, with an additional 30% Spell Damage. - ch. 19
    • Cast time: 3 seconds.
    • Cooldown: 20 seconds.
  • Tier 0 Spell, Hell Flame - Deals 150% Flame Damage to an 8 x 8 yard area. [5]
    • Duration of 5 seconds.
    • Cooldown: 36 seconds.
  • Weakening Curse - Reduce all the Attributes of the target by 15%, damage dealt by 15%, and increase the Darkness damage the target received by 10%. [6]
  • Shadow Burst [7]
  • Tier 1 Spell, Magic Synergy - Increases the efficiency of the caster’s spells, improving spell effects by 30% and reducing cast time by 30% for 15 seconds. [8]
  • Tier 2 Spell, Song of Darkness - Increases target players damage by 20% and Movement Speed and Attack Speed by 30% for 10 minutes. [9]



In Shi Feng's past life, Blackie had followed Shi Feng in joining the Shadow Workshop, becoming an outer member during the first examination. Blackie had been a friend Shi Feng met in another Virtual Reality game, and deemed to have good skills. The two had faced many challenges and fostered a strong brotherhood. Family circumstances were not that well and had chosen to become a professional gamer in order to earn some Credits for living expenses when he was in university.

Start of God's Domain

Blackie had contacted Shi Feng to urge him for the Shadow Workshop's examination for God's Domain. When Shi Feng stated that he did not want to join Shadow and wanted to start his own workshop, he had invited Blackie to join him. After moments of hesitation, Blackie agreed reluctantly to follow Shi Feng. When faced with the issue of Gaming Helmets, Shi Feng had suggested using the God's Domain trial period available for university students to loan a gaming helmet for ten days. Despite having doubts about how they could play the game after the trial period was up, Blackie decided to trust in Shi Feng's claim that he would be able to earn the 16,000 Credits within the ten days.

Obtained Tier 2 in chapter 1503.

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