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First mentioned in chapter 279 when Shi Feng brought up a past incident that happened to the guild.


Black Tower had been a Super Guild in Shi Feng's previous life. There was an incident where they had sent over 200,000 players to attack a second-rate guild, Solitary Rulers, but were not able to overcome their 80,000 player count. Although they had clashed tens of times, Black Tower was not able to win and instead lost over half their numbers compared to Solitary Rulers' 30,000 player loss. In the end the guild had deployed seven Tier 5 Saint-ranked players and one of their Tier 6 God-ranked player to destroy the guild. During the final fight between the guilds at Unparalleled City, Solitary's last Guild City, Black Tower had lost two of their Saint-ranked players before another Super Guild took advantage of the situation to siege their cities. Eventually, Black Tower backed off.


The Super Guild had more than one Tier 6 God-ranked experts.


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