First mentioned in chapter 47, when Shi Feng made a bet against Zhou Yuhu for the VIP member card.


The Big Dipper Training Center is one of the biggest training centers in Jin Hai City. When Shi Feng went over to test his physical abilties, he was able to break the gym's record. Due to Zhao Ruoxi's interference, Shi Feng was able to display his ability as an internal force expert. After Shi Feng defeated Lei Bao in a duel, this resulted in him being hired as an Big Dipper’s Head Instructor and become one of Big Dipper’s Directors.

He was provided a mansion, which became the Zero Wing Training Center. Besides that Big Dipper also specially reserve a Special Training Room for Shi Feng use without time and schedule limitation. Another advantages gain from the cooperation between them, Shi Feng could promote Zero Wing recruitment and get talented recruit, even he can poach Lu Xiu and You Ziping from the White Tiger Dojo. Some member of Big Dipper Training Center also become manager of Zero Wing workshop.

Unfortunately the cooperation ended after Starlink through its connection and resources in the real world (Starline Corporation) ask Big Dipper Group and several other dojos and training center to cease the cooperation with Zero Wing and some of them have declined the partnership request or invitation from Zero Wing.[1]

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