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First mentioned in chapter (1154)?, Beast Emperor is a player who became the Evil God's Temple Envoy in Star-Moon Kingdom.


Beast Emperor wore a Black Cloak and bandages that covered his entire body. However, Beast Emperor's aura and radiating Evil Energy were much stronger than the last time Abandoned Wave had met the man.


“You’ve misunderstood me, Elder Windshadow. I might have a grudge against Zero Wing, but I would very much like to thank Black Flame. If not for his help, I wouldn’t have gotten this far. I am here now only to help Xingluo with his problem, as well as meet with my old friend Black Flame,” Beast Emperor retorted nonchalantly. It was as if he placed no importance on the kingdom’s army whatsoever.[3]


Has the ability to raise Evil Beasts and Evil Demons



Despite his activities in Star-Moon Kingdom, Beast Emperor's main headquarters was the Purple Thorns Kingdom. It was mostly managed by Wind Hunter.


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