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Player Attributes[]

Basic Attributes[]

In God's Domain, players have five Basic Attributes, Strength, Agility, Endurance, Intelligence and Vitality. Players can earn Basic Attributes points by gaining a Level or to complete certain quests.[1] These Basic Attribute points can be saved for later or can be assigned to any of the five Basic Attributes. If a player loses a level by spending experience to upgrade an item, they lock the latest assigned Basic Attributes points until they gain a level.

Basic Attribute

Strength[2] Strength increases Physical Attack Power and the weight behind each attack. (1 Strength point = 2 Attack Power)[3]
Agility[4] Agility increases Attack Speed and Movement Speed.
Endurance[5] Endurance increases maximum HP and stamina. (1 Endurance point = 20 HP) [6]
Inteligence[7] Intelligence increases Magical Attack Power and maximum MP.
Vitality[8] Vitality increases the recovery rate of MP and HP.

Hidden Attributes[]

Additionally there are several Hidden Attributes like Concentration[9] and the four main Hidden Attributes, Luck[10], Physique[11], Stamina[12], Fortitude[13]. Hidden attributes were not visible to the player and did not have any numerical value, the player had determine these value with their own senses.[14][15] The Hidden Attributes are extremely important to expert Players, however Players can not put points into the Hidden Attributes by simply leveling up, these need to be earned by special means.[16] Unfortunately, it was extremely difficult to increase any of the Hidden Attributes by a single point.[17]

Hidden Attribute Description
Concentration[18] The Mana Density affects Concentration, where high Mana Density increases Concentration and low Mana Density decreases Concentration.

Concentration affects a Player's ease of exhibiting their Combat Standards and efficiency in practicing and learning Combat Techniques.[19]

Luck[20] Under normal conditions, Luck affects drop-rate from monster, treasure chests, production success-rate. It is difficult to increase the Attribute by one or two points. If a player permanently lost some of their Luck as a result of failing a Quest, it would have a massive impact.[21]
Physique[22] Physique allows players to carry out feats that were definitely impossible in the real world and significantly impacts a player's combat power. If a player’s Attributes reached a certain level, they would be able to trigger an extraordinary Physique.[23] Physique improvement is not limited to increasing a player's speed and Stamina. More importantly, a player's five senses also improves, which allows them to keep up with speeds they normally could not.[24]
Stamina[25] Every movement a player makes consumes Stamina. Moreover, when a player’s movements increases in intensity, their Stamina consumption also increases. When a Player's Stamina is consumed to a certain degree, they are no longer be able to fight and could only resume combat after resting for a time.[26]
Fortitude[27] Fortitude is the most important Attribute among the Four Great Hidden Attributes. The Hidden Attribute is similar to a monster’s Mana Body. First, it decreases the side-effect of external injuries had on a player’s combat power. The second effect is to decrease Stamina and Concentration consumption during battle. Third it reduces the impact Stamina and Concentration depletion has on a player’s combat power. Hence, it affects the amount of Combat Techniques a player can execute and the Combat Standard against Monsters which reduce Concentration or Stamina. Due to these three major effects, players thirsted for the Fortitude Attribute. In God’s Domain's initial stages it is extremely difficult to obtain the Fortitude Attribute with players’ low levels.[28]

Weakened State[]

Players are in a Weakened State have reduced Basic Attributes and Hidden Attributes.[29]

Attribute Assignment[]

Every player starts the game with five Basic Attribute points, with the values being distributed depending on their class. These five attributes are Strength, Agility, Endurance, Intelligence and Vitality. Every Job places emphasis on different Attributes.

As a Tier 0 player, each level up provides 4 Free Basic Attribute Points which can be assigned based on player's own unique style. As a Tier 1 player, each level up provides 8 Free Attribute Points. As a Tier 2 player, 20 Free Attribute Points.

Strength increases Physical Attack Power and the weight behind each attack.
Ammount Hidden Passive Skill Effect
20 Smashing Fists Able to destroy Trash Weapons with bare hands. 
180 Basic Destructive Power Able to destroy Bronze Ranked Items
Agility increases Attack Speed and Movement Speed.
Amount Hidden Passive Skill Effect
20 Fast and Nimble When activated, possess a body exceeding the normal man.

Body’s degree of freedom is completely released.

40 Flying Steps
80 Walking On Water
100 Like The Wind Players’ Movement Speed increased by 15%, Attack Speed increased by 5%, shrubs and brambles of roads and forests would no longer have effect. Simultaneously, consumption of Stamina slightly reduced.
200 Basic Disappearance Increased Movement Speed and Attack Speed by 20%, greatly decreased stamina consumption during a battle. When tread on water, can travel a distance of 10 yards with a single leap. Evasion also increased by 10%.
1,500 Basic Perception Ch.1118

The Passive Skill greatly enhanced his five senses.

Endurance increases maximum HP and stamina.
Amount Hidden Passive Skill Effect
20 Robust Physique
80 Basic Body Strengthening All attacks causing less than 50 damage are greatly weakened, battle recovery rate would slightly increase, Stamina recovery would slightly improve.
Intelligence increases Magical Attack Power and maximum MP.
Amount Hidden Passive Skill Effect
20 Rapid Cast Allows the player to skip the chants of spells that are below 1.5 seconds, requiring only action to cast it.

Also, allows the caster to better focus on attacking their target.

100 Quick Chant Greatly reduced the time required for chanting spells.
Vitality increases the recovery rate of MP and HP.
Amount Hidden Passive Skill Effect

NPC Attributes[30][]

NPC Attribute Description
Growth Potential

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