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First mentioned in chapter 766, when Phoenix Rain gave Shi Feng the right to form his own battle team for the Dark Arena after he defeated all of her hidden experts.


The members of the Asura Battle Team belong to the Zero Wing.

Battle History

First battle: Glorious Lions Team, supported by the Super Guild, Battle Wolves.

Second Battle: Evil Dragon Battle Team, supported by the super-first-rate Guild, Miracle Guild. [1] Asura won with a result of 3:0 [2]

  • First Match: Alluring Summer vs Silent March. Result: Alluring Summer won, despite being overwhelmed for most of the match. (Chapter 1151 to 1153)
  • Second Match: Shi Feng (as Ye Feng) and Violet Cloud vs Alice and Starstreak. Result: Shi Feng and Violet Cloud won, despite Alice summoning a Level 65 Grand Lord to fight for her and merging into its core. (Chapter 1155 to 1160)
  • Third Match: Fire Dance and Gentle Snow vs Miracle Dragon. Result: Gentle Snow won in a 1v1 against Miracle Dragon. (Chapter 1161 to 1165)
  • Due to argreeing to Miracle Dragon's bet in the third round, the payout rate of Asura getting a total victory was one-to-nine. Following that Shi Feng had bet 300-plus pieces of Level 40 Dark-Gold Equipment, 800-plus pieces of Level 40 Fine-Gold Equipment, as well as several high tiered Magic Scrolls and rare materials. The total value exceeded 90,000 Gold. He had easily earned back nine times that amount and massive amount of weapons, equipment, tools and rare materials. He even received 420,000 Magic Crystals and 50,000 Gold from the host. [3]


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