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First mentioned in chapter 1455, the team was founded by Shi Feng when he was in Cold Wind City in the Ice Crystal World. Due to Shi Feng's display of power in the city, many adventurer teams would end up joining the ranks of Asura, for example, Aurora Sword led by Solitary Nine.

In chapter 1750 Asura adventurer team established an Adventurer Alliance.

Team Administration

In order to join the team, players are required to have reached the Trial's Tower fifth-floor. For players with potential and are able to reach the fourth floor, they will have to pass a set of test to become reserve members. Depending on their improvements, they will be able to become official members

Members are able to exchange Contribution Points for Dark-Gold Equipment as well as learn combat techniques. Due to the players being from the Ice Crystal World, the availability of equipment was mostly from forgers, and the combat standards were lower compared to the main continent.

The team's main headquarters is in the Cold Wind City and Frozen City.


When the team was first created, the total member count had surpassed 5,000. However only 1,000 of them were official members, while the rest were reserve members.[1]

As of chapter 1767, the team has 13 Tier 2 members

Name Class Realm Role
Shi Feng / Ye Feng Tier 5 Swordsman/

Sword Saint

Domain Realm Commander
Lifeless Thorn Tier 4 Berserker/

Lightning Saint

Void Realm Vice-Commander
Solitary Nine Tier 4 Shield Warrior Refinement Realm Vice-Commander / MT of the Main Force
Dark Madness Tier 2 Guardian Knight Refinement Realm Vice-Commander / MT of the Main Force
Yan Ya Tier 3 Druid Main Force / Manages Team Administration
Cleansing Whistle Tier 3 Swordsman Refinement Realm Vice-Commander
Stained Maple Berserker 50-Man Team Leader [2]


  • First Kill of the Three-headed Frostwolf, the King of the Ice Fields.(Chapter 1466)
  • First Clear on the Hero Mode Snow Ruins (Chapter 1769)

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