Assassin is one of the twelve default classes players can pick from at the start of God's Domain.


Assassin is from the weapon specialist category and is known for their mobility and ability to launch deadly attacks from stealth. They have several Lifesaving Skills that allows them to maintain their life in order to restart their attempts to launch their attacks.

Assassin players normally use daggers and shortswords, and leather armor.

When an Assassin reaches Tier 3 and unlock's their Mana Body's full potential, their tracking abilities undergo a qualitative transformation. They can use their Mana to lock onto another player's Mana signature. Unlike the Tracking Scrolls, this method does not apply any debuff to the player and almost impossible to detect. Only a player who can detect the Mana left on them can remove it. Fire Dance was able to tag up to a few hundred players at a time. [1]


Tier 0 Skills

Tier 1 Skills


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