First mentioned in chapter 1806, when Zero Wing, Phoenix Rain and Unyielding Soul completed the Epic Team Quest, Sun Crown.


[Armas's Eye] (Necklace, Epic Rank Item)

An Eye of Time formed of nearly half of the Great Lich Armas's power. The Eye of Time can view both the past and the future.

  • Equipment Level: Level 50 - Level 100 (Level 50)
  • Equipment Requirement: Intelligence 1,200, Vitality 800
  • Intelligence +57, Vitality +54, Endurance +44
  • Casting speed increased by 15%
  • All Spell effectiveness increased by 15%
  • Cast range +2
  • Spell Completion Rate increased by 1%.

Additional Active Skill 1 - Eye of Future

  • When activated, allows the user to maintain an hour of simulated combat.
  • Cooldown: 10 hours

Additional Active Skill 2 - Eye of Past

  • Tracks the target's movement and location for three hours.
  • Cooldown: 6 hours
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