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Aqua Rose is one of the Vice-Guild Leader of Zero Wing and manages most of the guild's affair alongside Gentle Snow.


She was originally an Honorary Elder in Twilight Echo, but was expelled from the guild when she refused to comply with her family's wishes. Shi Feng took the opportunity to recruit her for his yet-established guild, Zero Wing, offering her an initial annual salary of 1 million credits and a 5% share in the workshop.


Her in-game avatar is described as looking between the ages of 21 and 22, extremely beautiful and her body was garbed in a gorgeous purple robe. She has delicate white cheeks.


Headstrong and Motivated, Aqua Rose did not succumb to the pressure from her family and chose to set out to create her own legacy.

She is shown to be responsible and considerate, as she did not leave her subordinates behind when Shi Feng offered her a position with attractive conditions. It is further seen in her management of Zero Wing, as most decisions were made by her, while leaving the important ones to Shi Feng to weight in on.


Level Chapter
Tier 0
Level 117
Tier 1
Level 412
Level 26 429
Level 27 543
Level 49 1362
Level 50 1364
Tier 2
Level 50 1428
Level 87 2219
Level 95-96 2288
Level 100 2356
Tier 3
Level 117 2702
Tier 4
Tier 6


Class: Tier 4 Cursemancer / Sea God Legacy[]

  • Promoted to Tier 1 prior to the White Fog Canyon arc [19]
  • Class changed to Sea God's Legacy
  • Promoted to Tier 2 [20]
  • Promoted to Tier 3
  • She was able to unlock 95% of her Mana Body after undergoing the Starlight Fortress's Legacy Trial the first time. [21] She fully unlocked her Mana Body after using the Starlight Fortress's Legacy Room. [22]
  • Promoted to Tier 4

Realm of Refinement:[]

  • Refinement Realm [23]
  • Flowing Water Realm (?)
  • Void Realm [24]
  • Beyond the Domain Realm [25]

Realm of Truth:[]


  • Unnamed Spell that manifests a tidal wave before her and floods over targets in front of it. [28]
  • Tier 0 Spell, Chain Explosion - Summons five fireballs to bombard a target.
  • Tier 1 Spell, Death and Decay [29]
  • large-scale destruction Spell Ch.937
  • Tier 1 Curse, Thorn Bind - When activated, it would immediately restrain all enemies within a 20-yard radius with thorny vines for four seconds. Moreover, these thorns would connect with the HP of the bound target. If the target tried to forcefully break free of their bindings, they would receive a corresponding backlash.[30]
  • Tier 2 Spell, Aqua Precinct[31]
  • Tier 2 Curse, Annihilation Torrent[32]
  • Tier 2 Spell, Rising Flow[33]
  • Tier x Curse, Sea God's Wrath - Only actionable when Legacy Berserk Skill is active. Summons forth gigantic waterspouts that can attack multiple target, devastating an area around the target for several seconds. [34]
  • Tier 2 Spell, Water Raid - Aqua Rose gathers water-type Mana and forms a eight meter tall tidal wave.[35]
  • Tier 3 Super Spell, Sea God's Grasp - Multiple dark-blue, twofold magic array appears around the target, and shackles of water shoot out of the arrays to bind the target and hold it in place. This spell is effective even on a Level 113 Realm Lord whose attributes were suppressed by 20%. [36]
  • Tier 3 Super Spell, Frostburst Waterfall - A blue, twofold magic array appears above the target area and covers a 100-yard radius. Countless ice shards rain down, freezing space and all targets, transforming them into ice scupltures that shatter shortly after.

Combat Technique:[]

  • Customized Bronze Combat Technique. [37]


Aqua Rose has the following equipment:

  • Tier 1 Set Equipment for Cursemancers, Evil Soul
  • Bluefire Heart [38]
  • Song of Beatrice
  • Frost Gloves [39]
  • Sea Dragon Staff (Growth-type Weapon) - specifically made to amplify the Sea God's Legacy's strengths. Staff can reach Fragmented Legendary rank.
  • Void Robe - 1 piece of the Void Magic Set, an Epic Rank Set.[40]
  • Void Gloves - 1 piece of the Void Magic Set, an Epic Rank Set. [41]
  • An Epic Rank Boots - Excellent Attributes. Grants magical class players a chance to reduce their spellcasting time by 50%.[42]

Personal Guards[]

  • Level 76, Tier 2 Summoner (Secret-Silver) [43]
  • Level 60, Tier 1 Guardian Knight (Fine-Gold) [44]


In Shi Feng's previous life, she was one of the top ten ranking Cursemancers in God's Domain, the Tier 6 Curse God. She and Unyielding Ice were both 6th tier players as well as good friends.

Current Life[]

In her initial introduction in chapter 117, Aqua Rose sought out Black Flame in order to establish a cooperation to help benefit her position in Twilight Echo. In exchange for ores, Black Flame would sell her the Glimmer Chestpiece forging designs, as well as forged equipment. In order to get things started, Aqua Rose purchased 500 pieces of the forging designs on a condition that it could would only be sold to Twilight Echo exclusively. After setting the date for their next transaction, both left the city to make their respective preparations.

In chapter 239, after getting expelled from Twilight Echo, Shi Feng offered to recruit her for an annual salary of 1 million credits, in addition to 5% of Zero Wing's workshop shares. Facing her hesitation, he further offered her position as Vice Leader of the Guild, and the forming of her own elite team and maintaining independence. Concerned for her subordinates, Shi Feng offered to pay for their teleportation fees to Star-Moon Kingdom. Bewildered by Shi Feng's words, she decides to meet Shi Feng in person to get answers for her questions.

In chapter 246, after Aqua Rose had gathered her subordinates and teleported to White River City, they were gathered in a meeting room at Starstreak Trading Firm. When they found out that Zero Wing was just a 1-Star Guild, the members were caught in a daze as the reality was a mismatch for their expectations. Addressing their disbelief, Shi Feng informed them that the guild was merely a home for them, how the guild would progress was dependent on their own performance. His words inspired Aqua Rose, and in turn she would rally her subordinates, igniting their fighting spirit. To motivate them further, Shi Feng ordered Blackie and the rest to reveal their levels on the White River City's Ranking list, dominating the top eight positions. Satisfied by the foundation of the guild, Aqua Rose got to work in recruiting members for the guild, while implementing the Guild Perks system.

It was mentioned that she had reached the Trial Tower's eighth floor [45]

Battle against Miracle Naval Fleet (Chapter 1926 to 1929)[]

Aqua Rose exhibited her true power on the sea as she was able to singlehandedly wipe out Miracle Guild's Naval Legion, Water Ghost Legion, which was formed of players each with their own Sea-based Legacy. Using her strongest spell, Sea God's Wrath, she was able to stop an attack that came from their Giant Crocodile Warship's main cannon, which was able to heavily injure a Grand Lord Sea Monster and destroy all advanced and common speedboats with her range.

It was mentioned that she exited from the Tower of Four Gods. Her progress is not mentioned. [46]


There was a discrepancy with her class in the early stages of the story. When she was first introduced, she was mentioned as a Cursemancer, however part way she was referred to as an Elementalist. This was reverted back to Cursemancer in chapter 752 onwards, after the author realized his mistake.

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