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First mentioned in chapter 221, when Shi Feng visited the Starstreak Trading Firm in White River City and was assigned Anna as his assistant to complete the task assigned to him as part of his quest


Anna is an NPC that used to work in Starstreak Trading Firm. Due to Shi Feng completing a quest, he requested for Anna and made her his Personal Guard. She is very loyal to Shi Feng, she is both in awe of his capabilities and thankful that she was given the change to be more than just an assistant in Starstreak Trading Firm. Her talent is so high that she would make even the best legendary npc's look like nooblets.

[Anna] (Ye Feng’s Personal Guard)[]

Statistics (as of Chapter 2492), other stats are not mentioned

  • Class: Tier 3 Peak Class, Yin Yang Saint
  • Level: 119
  • Loyalty: 97
  • Growth Potential: 113

After absorbing the power of a Mutated Energy Crystal, she was able to class change to a Peak Legacy, the Yin Yang Saint. In the process, her Growth Potential was increased from 105 to 113. [2]

Anna had completed her Tier 3 Promotion Quest when Shi Feng was planning to capture the Northern Fortress in Gravity Mountain Range. [3]

Anna is equipped with an Epic Set Equipment that can level with her until Level 150. [4]


She is capable of double-speed-casting

Summoner Skills:[]

  • Tier 2 Curse, Song of Summoning [5][6]
    • Allows the caster to forcefully increase their Tier by one level, and summons a same level Golden Giant, a Tier 3 creature.
      • [Golden Giant] (Elemental Being, Great Lord)
        • Level 60, HP 30,000,000
      • [Golden Giant] (Elemental Being, Great Lord)
        • Level 80, HP 55,000,000
  • Tier 2 Curse, Judgement of Light [7]
  • Spell, Magic Strengthening - Improves the Basic Attributes of the summons.[8]
    • After reaching Tier 3 and casting the spell, golden runes appear on the bodies of the summons, increasing their Basic Attributes and Defense significantly. [9]
  • Summon Rock Guardians [10]
    • Summons 10 Tier 2 Rock Guardians
      • The Rock Guardians are able to form a magic barrier that weakens the target within it, reducing their Basic Attributes and HP. This magic barrier is able to rival a top-tier Intermediate Magic Array.[11]
    • After reaching Tier 3 and casting the spell, 18 Tier 3 Great Lord ranked Rock Guardians are summoned instead. [12]
  • Legacy Skill, Angel Summoning - Valkyrie [13]
    • Summons a Tier 4 Valkyrie (equal level to Anna) for the duration of 10 seconds.
      • Possesses the skill, [Sacred Thunder Spear]
    • When Anna cast this spell as a Tier 3 Summoner, she summoned a Tier 4 Higher Valkyrie instead. Duration has been increased to 15 seconds. [14]
  • Tier 3 Spell, Light Summoning - Summons 3 Knights of Light (equal level to Anna) Grand Lords [16]
    • The three summons are able to form a magic array, Prism of Light, that traps targets within a range and reduce their Attributes by 40%.
  • Tier 3 Spell, Darkness Summoning - Summons 3 Envoy of Darkness (equal level to Anna) Grand Lords [17]
    • The three summons are able to form a magic array, that reduces the Movement Speed and Reaction Speed of the targets by 50%.
  • Unnamed Tier 3 Spell - Summons a Holy Knight (equal level to Anna) Grand Lord [18]

Yin Yang Saint Skills:[]

  • Yin Yang Barrier - Creates a barrier that protects Anna. Targets that attack the barrier will be repulsed with Yin Yang Power[19]
  • Tier 2 Spell, Holy Light Spear - Creates 18 spears of holy power to attack a target. Each spear has the strength equal to a Tier 3 Great Lord of the same level. Does Light-type damage and does an additional 50% damage to Dark Creatures. [20]
  • Tier 2 Curse, Yin Yang Baptism - Thirty-six magic arrays appear around the target, some white and some black. Yin Yang Spears shoot forth from the magic array and pierces the target.[21]
  • Tier 3 Spell, Dark Lock - Summons a pitch-black magic array that shoots out pitch-black spears, stabbing into the target and sealing their movements and sapping their strength. reducing their Basic Attributes by 30%.[22]
  • Tier 3 Legacy Spell, Chains of Light - One of Anna's Overtier Spell from her legacy. A gigantic silver twofold magic array appears under Anna's feet, and a pillar of light rises from beneath the target, enveloping it with chains that bind it and reduce it's Basic Attributes and mobility. [23]
  • Tier 3 Legacy Spell, Yin Yang Burst - Two energy balls, one white and the other black, appear in Anna's hands before transforming into beams of light that slam into the target.[24]
  • Tier 3 Legacy Curse, Yin Yang Judgment - Anna's second Overtier Spell from her legacy. Two magic arrays appear above the target, one glowing white and the other black. A 50-meter-long golden holy spear descends from the sky, freezing the space around the target and collides with it. A black-white light pillar rises out from this collision, knocking back everyone in the radius. It has a cooldown of 1 day. [25]
  • Tier 3 Legacy Defensive Spell, Yin Yang Pillar - Overtier Spell from her legacy. A 30-yard radius pillar surrounds Anna and her companions, protecting them from any incoming attacks. It is capable of stopping Tier 4 attacks. Each attack blocked drains Anna's mana reserves. [26]
  • Tier 3 Legacy Spell, Yin Yang Chains - Overtier Spell from her legacy. Several hundreds of magic arrays manifest around Anna, black and white chains shoot forth from each array and each of them has peak Tier 3 power. Anna has full control of all of them and can manipulate the chains to do her bidding.[27]
  • Tier 4 Spell, Yin Yang Cycle - A dual-colored magic array appears in the sky and 36 swords emerge, 18 of them silvery-white and the other 18 abyss-black. The swords can be controlled to attack targets for the entire duration. [28]
  • Epic Legacy Berserk Skill, Yin Yang Power - Increases player's Basic Attributes, and improves the strength of light-type and darkness-type Skills and Spells by one tier, up to a maximum of Tier 4.
    • Duration: 100 seconds
    • Cooldown: 6 hour

Earlier Versions[]

Description Chapter
[Anna] (Ye Feng’s Assistant)

Gender: Female

Age: 20

Loyalty: 50

Charm: 86

Physique: 60

Wisdom: 91

Level: 50

HP: 10,000

221 - Initial Introduction
Loyalty: 50 > 70 227
Promoted to Tier 2 and reached Level 60 847
Level 65

Loyalty: 95

Growth Potential: 105

1014 - After eating a Seven-Colored Fruit
Level 69 1075
Level 70 1141
Level 72 1287
Level 75 1351
Level 76 1470
[Anna] (Ye Feng's Personal Guard)

Class: Tier 2 Peak Class, Yin Yang Saint

Level 80
Loyalty: 97
Growth Potential: 113

Intelligence: 5,031

Level 81 1726
Level 85 1816
Level 96 2235
Level 106 2322
Level 109 2391
Level 119 2492
Promoted to Tier 4

Level 149



Anna was an NPC working at Starstreak Trading Firm. She was assigned to Shi Feng as an assistant for the 2nd part of his Epic Quest Darkness Descends.[29] After the completion of his quest, Shi Feng requested for Anna and was able to coerce the NPC to surrender the contract for an additional 6,000 Gold.[30] This resulted in Anna's Favorability with Shi Feng to increase by 30 points. Shortly after, Shi Feng registered Anna as one of his Personal Guards and brought her over to the Adventurer’s Association to be assessed. She was evaluated to be suitable as a Summoner, with a never before seen SSS-Rank Rating. After eating a Seven-Colored Fruit that Shi Feng had prepared for her, Anna's Growth Potential increased and she became an Epic Rank Personal Guard. [31]


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