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First mentioned in chapter 2066, when Shi Feng meets Archangel Vatra.


Angels, also known as Valkyries, are superior beings whose Life Rating is only slightly weaker than Dragons. Angels are differentiated by the number of wings they have. Normal Angels have one to two pairs of wings. Higher Angels have three pairs of wings and Archangels have four pairs of wings.

Archangels are similar to Dragon Kings, in that they have superior bloodlines compared to ordinary Angels. They are capable of contending with Tier 6 Gods. Each Archangel has its own mission and is capable of influencing the God's Domain Continent

It is mentioned that Tier 5 Angel Knight Captains are capable of rivaling a Tier 5 Dragon.[1]

Known Angels

  • Archangel Vatra
  • Angel Gabriel (the angel that introduces the player to the game)




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