Reincarnation Of The Strongest Sword God Wiki

In Ancient God's Domain, "The woman in question possessed golden hair and crimson eyes. She wielded a silver sacred sword and was clad in a knight’s blue sacred armor. As the woman contended against several dozen Level 130-plus, Tier 3 Demons, her HP continuously decreased."[1]

"Angelica Teresa, the commander of the knight legion present, couldn’t help looking at Shi Feng strangely."[2]

“She is the Angelica Teresa. She holds the title of Valkyrie and is one of the two Founding Elders of the Fire Dragon Empire!”[2]

“The Sacred Sword Blood Moon is ranked sixth among God’s Domain’s Famed Swords. It is said that this sword once belonged to Angelica Teresa, one of the Fire Dragon Empire’s Founding Elders. While a person can have the same name, the chances are low that she would wield the same weapon.”[2]

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