First mentioned in Chapter 705 after Shi Feng picked up the ancient gold-rimmed book dropped from defeating the Blood Warrior, a level 50 Special Elite rank monster, as he was completing the quest, Solomon's Treasure.

Ancient Documents held records of God's Domain, and could only be activated once. Using an Ancient Document, players could inquire information regarding one of God Domain's secrets. Through an Ancient Document, a player could even obtain information regarding the whereabouts of powerful Super Skills and tools.[1]


In the timeline of Shi Feng's past life, any Ancient Documents found were highly contested for. Any that were sold in the Blackwing Auction House went for higher prices than even Fragmented Legendary Items. The primary use for Ancient Documents had been to unlock the whereabouts of Legendary items, offering players that activated the document a high chance of obtaining one for themselves.[1]


After Shi Feng defeats the Blood Warrior, the final monster in the Blood Refining Passage Way, an ancient gold-rimmed book dropped. The ancient book was called Solomon's Treasure,[2] and was the final reward for the quest of the same name. The book was revealed to be an Ancient Document and was the Sixth Volume of Solomon's Book. After activating the Ancient Document, Shi Feng uses it to obtain information on the Legendary ranked weapon, Solomon's Sword.[1]

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