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First mentioned in chapter 2386 when Shi Feng brought the other Tier 3 experts from Zero Wing to explore the Demonwolf Mountain Range in order to locate the dimensional passage to the Western Continent.


Alba Gray is an NPC from the Ten Saints Empire. He is an NPC Hero, a Tier 5 Holy Knight, a Famed Smith, and the commander of the Sacred Brilliance Division. He is a middle-aged man.

After breaking out of the Jealous Witch's curse, he was able to grasp the principles to become a Sword Saint and managed to break through to become a Tier 5 Sword Saint. [1]

It was revealed that he was promoted to a Famed Smith due to his in-depth research into Mana Forging. His notes are considered a national treasure in the Ten Saints Empire. [2]


[Alba Gray (Sacred Magic Knight)] (Hero, Sword Saint)[]

  • Level Unknown, HP Unknown


List of References[]

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