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First mentioned in chapter 1750, Shi Feng intended to help other adventurer teams and independent players, using the Asura Adventure Team as the core of the alliance.


The Adventurer Alliance was set up with the intentions of helping other adventurer teams and independent players. The Asura Adventurer Team was the core of the alliance and had developed themselves and established their base of operations in Cold Wind City in the Ice Crystal World.

The Adventurer Alliance has established themselves in the Fire Dragon Empire, and were recruiting powerful adventurer teams. They had already amassed enough power that even Super Guilds had to treat them with respect. [1]


For players and teams that join the alliance, they enjoy a portion of the benefits offered by the Asura Adventurer Team, and other city-related perks:

  • Exchange for weapons and equipment
  • Purchase of Basic combat techniques
  • Purchase of Rare materials and Tools
  • Access to the Asura Hall located in Cold Wind City.
  • For the Adventurer Alliance, members would enjoy access to Silver rank discount when using the teleportation gate as long as they reached Silver rank in the alliance, and Gold ranked members would enjoy the Gold rank discount when teleporting. In the Asura adventurer team, elite members would get access to the Silver rank discount, while core members could use the Gold rank discount

As of chapter 1762 alliance already had over 300,000 members.


The members of the Adventurer Alliance can be categorized into four ranks: Bronze, Silver, Gold, and Epic. Each rank would enjoy a different level of authority and different benefits within the alliance. Players and adventurer teams' ranks would be based on their individual strength and contributions to the Adventurer Alliance.

  • Bronze rank members would receive a 10% discount when purchasing items and would have access to some high-ranked items that weren't available to normal members.
  • Silver rank members would receive a 20% discount and every benefit Bronze members enjoyed, including the level of authority.
  • Gold rank members would receive a 20% discount. The alliance would also provide a certain amount of resources and Credits to Gold members each month. Overall, Gold members would enjoy the authority and benefits that upper echelons had in the various large Guilds. Moreover, unlike Guild upper echelons, Gold members were not bound by any restrictions. In addition, Gold ranked adventurer teams would have the authority to manage one of the alliance's branches.
  • As for Epic rank, there would only be 12 Epic ranked adventurer teams at a time. An adventurer team's qualifications for Epic rank would be based on their placement in the Gold rank. In other words, the top 12 ranking Gold adventurer teams would become the Adventurer Alliance's Epic adventurer teams. Depending on the Epic adventurer team's abilities, they would be granted the authority to operate multiple branches.
  • As for individual players, there was no set limit to how many individual players could reach the Epic rank. Individual players could reach Epic rank as long as they earned a sufficient Contribution Valuef and achieved a certain degree of strength. The Adventurer Alliance would give Epic ranked players priority when purchasing resources and other benefits that could easily rival what a large Guild's Vice Guild Leader enjoyed.[2]

Prominent Teams and Players


Shi Feng's Previous Timeline

In Shi Feng's previous timeline, the Adventurer Alliance had also existed. It had emerged when the mainstream players had reached Level 90. Although they had a slow start, they soon grew to become an apex power in God's Domain as many top-tier adventurer teams had joined their ranks. The Adventurer Alliance had only a few restrictions on their members, which was agreeable with many of their members. If any Super Guild harmed any of the members, the independent apex experts and Tier 6 God-ranked experts would take action. Due to the magnitude of their player base, they were capable of collecting information and materials beyond even the superpowers. [3]

Current Timeline

In the current timeline, Shi Feng created the foundation for the Adventurer Alliance, using the Asura Adventurer Team as the base.

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