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The Adventurer's Association is an organisation that assists players and guilds by providing them quests, and other opportunities.

Services provided:

  • For guilds that are registered with the association, they will be provided a free lounge for their personal use.
  • Completion of their Tier Promotion Procedures
  • Application for Adventurer Rank

Adventurer Rank

After a player completes their Tier 2 Promotion Quest, they would have to register at the Adventurer's Association and be tested before they were recognised officially as a Tier 2 Player. Only when a player has reached Tier 2, are they considered as a true adventurer in God's Domain and qualify to receive personal commissions.

Overall, six ranks divided adventurer players: Bronze, Mysterious-Iron, Secret-Silver, Fine-Gold, Dark-Gold, and Epic. Once mainstream players reached Level 50, players would start determining strength based on this adventurer rank.

Star Adventurer

After players have accumulated enough reputation and contribution points at the association, they will get better treatment if they raise in the star ranking.

3-Star Adventurers -

  • When a player reaches Level 70, they are able to take on Exploration Quests, which allows them to visit the cities and towns of neutral races and attempt to activate them. They are required to pay a Gold deposit before taking the quests.

4-Star Adventurers -

  • More powerful NPC mercenaries can be hired for trade route quests[1]


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